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7 Old-School Lunch Boxes That’ll Take You Back

From comic book characters to silver screen icons, these vintage lunch boxes will take you back to the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

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It’s back-to-school season, and you know what that means. It’s time for bright yellow buses to hit the streets, stores to sell shiny new school supplies and—if you have a kid (or a grandkid)—be prepared for day-after-day of brown-bagged lunch. Ah, what we’d give to be a kid again. Caught you feeling nostalgic for school-yard days? Miss that school cafeteria menu? We have a surprise for you. We’ve rounded up seven of the most nostalgic lunch boxes of yesteryear.

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Happy Days Lunch Box

There’s no one we’d rather invite on a lunch date than Richie, Potsie and Fonzie, immortalized in bright colors on this iconic Happy Days lunch box. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

Try these recipes, all inspired by vintage TV shows.

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The Empire Strikes Back Lunch Box

Whether you wish you were a Jedi or a Sith Lord, you’ll feel the Force at lunchtime with this supercool metal tote. Then fill it up with one of these Star Wars treats.

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Peanuts Lunch Box

Bonus points if you pack toast and popcorn—the classic Peanuts Thanksgiving meal—in this retro lunch tote!

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Volkswagen VW Camper Van Canvas Lunch Tote

This one takes us back to the ’70s! We have only one question: Does this count as a food truck?

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E.T. Lunch Box

Forget about having to “phone home.” This lunch box meant it was time to E.A.T.!

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Garfield Lunch Box

If this curmudgeonly character didn’t brighten up your day, we’re sure this recipe will. (Buy the lunch box here.)

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Looney Toons Lunch Box

Kids from every generation will recognize this show (and the lunch box and Thermos to go with it). There’s a rumor that Bugs Bunny couldn’t resist these recipes.

Which one of these nostalgic lunch boxes would you buy? Whatever one you choose, be sure to fill it with some of our best lunch box recipes. Lunch has never been more fun.

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