11 Old-School Lunch Boxes That’ll Take You Back

Feeling nostalgic? These old-school lunch box classics will hit all the right notes.

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old school lunch box The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cooler
via igloocoolers.com

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cooler

When your top lunch box requirements are both size and style, this Beatles throwback can’t be beat. Its 7-quart size can fit up to nine cans (or lunchtime essentials like sandwiches) and keeps them seriously cold, all with a fun Yellow Submarine theme.

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old school lunch box Star Wars Vintage Classic Tin Lunchbox
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Star Wars Metal Lunch Box

This galactic lunch box will never go out of style. Featuring the outer space adventures of Luke, Leia and the gang, it’s a perfectly functional modern lunch box, but we wouldn’t blame you if you reserved it as a display item instead.

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old school lunch box Nmr Distribution Peanuts Snoopy In Space Retro Style Tin Tote
via target.com

Peanuts Snoopy in Space Retro Style Tin Tote

Combine two classic American cultural moments—Peanuts’ Snoopy and the 1969 moon landing—and you have a totally cool, retro-inspired lunch box that’s one of the most unique out there. Pack it with astronaut food for a fun on-theme meal.

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old school lunch box Back To The Future Lunch Box Bfe1d446 Dfce 43ec 83c5 51068adb3119 1024x1024
via lunchbox.com

Back to the Future Lunch Box

We’re looking at you, ’80s kids. This blast from the past lunch box is here to commemorate one of the best movies of the decade. It features the souped-up Delorean on one side and Marty’s comic book on the other, it’s the perfect choice for wannabe time travelers.

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old school lunch box Aquarius Fender Amp Large Storage
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Aquarius Fender Amp Tin Box

Music lovers will be “amped” (pun intended) to use this funky retro-inspired tin lunch box. Its design is a near-authentic replication of an actual amplifier, complete with a faux textured pattern and plug-in at the back.

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old school lunch box The Golden Girls 64oz Tin Lunch Tote
via target.com

Golden Girls Tin Lunch Tote

Carry the Golden Girls everywhere you go with this cute lunch box. Featuring your favorite foursome, it’s the perfect size for storing lunch or adding some much-needed personality to your work desk without taking up too much space. Find more Golden Girls gifts for people who are obsessed with the show.

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old school lunch box Ontesy Reusable Waterproof Insulated Toiddlers
via amazon.com

Gameboy Thermal Insulated Lunch Box

Back in the day, you went everywhere with your Game Boy in tow—now you can pay tribute with this nostalgic (and functional) lunch tote. It’s available in four authentic colors and is insulated with thermal foam, so it’ll actually keep your food cool.

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old school lunch box David Bowie Lunch Box
via lunchbox.com

David Bowie Lunch Box

Ziggy Stardust fans will adore this David Bowie lunch box, adorned with the iconic cover for his 1973 album “Aladdin Sane.” If Bowie’s not your fave, the brand also carries Elvis and AC/DC versions, too.

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old school lunch box Factory Entertainment Jaws Tin Tote
via amazon.com

Jaws Tin Tote

The Jaws movie poster is among the most iconic out there—and now, you can own it in the form of a retro tin box, just like the Amity Island beachgoers would’ve packed their snacks in.

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old school lunch box Thermos Novelty Scooby Mystery Machine
via amazon.com

Thermos Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine Lunch Kit

Take the Gang out for an adventure with the help of this Thermos-brand lunch box. It’s insulated to keep food cool and lightweight enough to take on the go—just don’t forget the Scooby Snacks.

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old school lunch box Woodstock Metal Lunch Box
via lunchbox.com

Woodstock Metal Lunch Box

Pay tribute to the Summer of Love with this groovy lunch tote. It’s embossed with peace signs and the original Woodstock logo, plus the rainbow hues that harken back to ’60s-era peace, love and music. See our recipes inspired by the 1960s.

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