9 Cool Things You Can Do with an Egg Slicer

Speed up meal prep, baking, breakfast and more with this ingenious kitchen tool. Here are some great reasons to move that egg slicer to the front of the drawer.

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Piece of butter in paper on white background; Shutterstock ID 150754454

Make meltable butter fast

Forgot to pull butter out of the fridge to go with those wholesome whole wheat pancakes? No need to struggle: Just cut a stick of butter into lengths that fit the slicer and off you go. The easy-to-use pats soften more quickly than a stick—and no more fighting over the butter dish.

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Nicoise salad
Taste of Home

Serve pretty Nicoise salad

This summertime staple is a snap to prepare. Use your slicer to cut boiled new potatoes into wedges, slice cherry tomatoes and olives (and, of course, quarter eggs) with ease. Keep cooked potatoes and eggs in the fridge to make this quick Nicoise for two with what you have on hand.

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Quick hummus pizza
Taste of Home

Slice n’ dice ingredients for Greek food

Slicing olives by hand can be tedious. Instead, place a handful of drained olives on the egg slicer and voila!—instant sliced olives. Also use it to chop feta cheese and soft sun-dried tomatoes for quick hummus pizza or to pile into your favorite pita pockets.

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Classic butter pie pastry
Taste of Home

Get buttery baked goods

For flaky pie pastry, biscuits and crumbly shortbread cookies, you have to cut butter into flour until it’s in tiny little pieces (usually like coarse crumbs). To make it less labor-intensive, quickly dice the butter with an egg slicer right into the bowl of flour. You’ll spend less time (and elbow grease) than using a pastry blender.

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Spinach-mushroom scramble
Taste of Home

Slice vegetables for your breakfast

Slice mushrooms for your healthy scrambled eggs with zero mess, thanks to the egg slicer. Really don’t want to dirty a cutting board? Tear up the spinach and toss it right into the pan. It’s perfect for a protein- and veggie-packed breakfast without the usual work.

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Layered fruit salad
Taste of Home

Make quick work of fruit salad

Slicing kiwi, bananas and strawberries for a sun-kissed fruit salad is a dream with the egg slicer. The egg slicer isn’t the only kitchen gadget that pulls double-duty.

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Strawberry slices; Shutterstock ID 397689445; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of Home

Create pretty strawberry fans

Here’s a classic garnish to dress up a bowl of oatmeal, plateful of quiche or even a cheese tray. Just wash the berry, place it cap side down on the slicer and gently cut through, stopping short of the cap.

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Personal margherita pizza
Taste of Home

Slice lotsa mozza

Slippery fresh mozzarella is no match for the precise and even cuts of an egg slicer. No more sawing, uneven pieces or mess. If the mozz is too big to fit in the slicer, just cut it in half. Tear some basil and you have the start of Margherita pizza or summery Caprese salad.

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4 years old sitting on high children chair and eating fruit alone in white kitchen
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Prep easy-to-grab snacks

You’d be surprised at what’s considered a choking hazard for the little ones. Cut bananas, bits of hot dogs or sausage, berries and more without dirtying a cutting board.

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