5 Things to Cook on an Electric Griddle and 5 to Skip

When you've got a crowd to feed, turn to an electric griddle! Here are the foods that work best, plus the ones to avoid.

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Pancake batter baking mix being poured from a bowl onto a hot electric griddle cooking delicious breakfast meal for a family.

Works: Pancakes

Possibly the most obvious choice for cooking on a griddle is pancakes. You churn out short stacks with ease, thanks to the large surface area. Whether you’re in the mood for classic and fluffy buttermilk cakes or crisp potato pancakes a griddle is the way to go.

Just be sure to avoid these top pancake mistakes!

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crispy organic heritage smoked bacon from a local organic farm

Works: Bacon

Skip the greasy mess that comes with cooking bacon on the stovetop by throwing your slices on an electric griddle instead. Many models come with a well along the sides that allows grease to drip away so you have crispy strips.

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The Ultimate Grilled Cheese
Taste of Home

Works: Grilled Cheese

This ultimate grilled cheese is only moments away! Electric griddles do not rely on range burners—which may have hot spots—as the heating source, so your grilled cheese will be ooey and gooey throughout. Don’t miss out on our favorite melty grilled cheese recipes.

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Grilled Garlic Naan
Taste of Home

Works: Naan

You don’t need to turn on your oven to have hot, pillowy naan at home. Whip up this Indian flatbread on an electric griddle to pair with your favorite Indian recipes.

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Scrambled eggs on plate over white stone background.
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Works: Eggs

Whether you’re craving eggs scrambled, over easy or sunny-side up, it’s a cinch to prep them on a griddle. Whether you’re cooking a single egg or a full dozen, there’s a way you can prepare ’em with ease.

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Two hot dogs with ketchup closeup , yellow mustard and onion on gray wooden surface; Shutterstock ID 263142953; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): TOH
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Doesn’t Work: Hot Dogs

Stick to the grill, skillet or saucepan when it comes to hot dogs, which may roll around on a griddle’s flat surface. Same goes for sausages, links and anything else that might escape.

Are hot dogs sandwiches? We answer that age-old debate.

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Beef Filets with Portobello Sauce
Taste of Home

Doesn’t Work: Steak

You won’t want to cook steaks on a griddle. Unless you’re cooking up small pieces of meat where you can easily keep watch the internal temperature, stick to other cooking methods. We’re partial to cooking steak in a cast-iron skillet.

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Barbecued picnic chicken
Taste of Home

Doesn’t Work: Chicken

When it comes to chicken of any nature, stick to other methods to cook your bird faster. Because most types of chicken, like wings or legs, aren’t totally flat, they won’t cook as evenly on the griddle’s surface.

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Easy Glazed Salmon
Taste of Home

Doesn’t Work: Fish

While cooking fish can work on the griddle, it could produce a lot of smoke and fumes, which most kitchen ventilation systems can’t handle. If you don’t want to battle the smoke alarm, try baking your salmon (and other fish) instead.

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Grilled Banana Brownie Sundaes
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Doesn’t Work: Desserts

Aside from pancake-adjacent recipes such as crepes, desserts may not always fare well when thrown on the griddle. Instead of trying to experiment with desserts cooked this way, try using your grill or even your Instant Pot instead.

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