14 of Frank Sinatra’s Favorite Foods

Ol' Blue Eyes was a creature of habit—he knew what he liked and ate those dishes over and over again!

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Frank Sinatra loved Italian food and ate it with gusto! You can make copycats that taste just like his greatest hits, from his mother’s recipes to meals at a restaurant that was his home away from home.

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Veal Milanese

Frank loved veal Milanese, but only if the veal was pounded extremely thin. His favorite restaurant, Patsy’s in New York, knew how to make it his way—and now you can, too.
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Arugula Salad

For a salad course, Ol’ Blue Eyes preferred simplicity. He liked a plain arugula salad with oil, vinegar and basil. (Maybe he knew arugula was a superfood?)
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Marinara Sauce

Mr. Sinatra loved his mother’s recipe for marinara sauce so much he had it published in a cookbook and actually had it bottled to sell in the ’80s! This version comes pretty close.
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Italian Pastries

Frank was a man who enjoyed authentic Italian pastries like sfogliatella and pasticciotto. He would undoubtedly have loved these cannoli as well.
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Patsy's Pasta

Though he didn’t like his dishes to be overly garlicky, there was just enough in Patsy’s fusilli with anchovies to tickle his taste buds. (If you, unlike Frank, love garlic, these dishes are for you!)
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Scrambled Egg Sandwich

The man affectionately called “The Voice” had simple sandwich tastes—he was content with scrambled eggs between two slices of bread.
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Clams in Red Sauce

Frank was a big fan of the clams Posillipo dish on Patsy’s menu. Those clams were dressed lightly with a tomato-basil sauce, which you can whip up at home.
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Lemon Ricotta Torte

Depending on his mood, Frank would sometimes enjoy dessert after a big meal. His dish of choice was a light and luscious lemon ricotta torte. Here are some more light and oh-so-tasty desserts we think Frank might’ve liked.
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Frank’s mother made delicious meatballs like these with the Italian go-to blend of meats—veal, pork and beef. (We’ve got more marvelous meatball recipes, too!)
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The sophisticated crooner loved Manhattans but was also a fan of a simple and straightforward martini. We’d love to relax at the bar with Frank and one of these classic cocktails.
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Stuffed Artichokes

Mr. Sinatra’s favorite appetizer was artichokes stuffed with olives, capers and a bit of garlic (but not too much). We hope you’ll love it too!
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Eggplant Parmesan

Like any proud Italian, Frank enjoyed eggplant Parmesan. It’s said that this dish was one of the few ways he’d eat a vegetable! (You can see all of our Italian favorites here.)
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Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine with a creamy sauce and plenty of Parmesan cheese was a simple but satisfying dish that Frank had often.
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Sunday Sauce

Many Italian families have a recipe for slow-cooked “Sunday sauce” or “Sunday gravy,” and the Sinatras were no exception. Start a tradition for your family with this recipe.

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