This Mop and Bucket Set Has Over 114,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

Amazon shoppers are obsessed with how easy it makes cleaning floors.

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If you’re itching for a deep clean to start the new year off right, consider investing in one of the best mops for your home. Switching your current mop of choice to the O-Cedar spin mop is one of the cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

That’s because it boasts 114,000 enthusiastic Amazon ratings from reviewers raving about its easy maneuvering and affordable price. It works on most hard-surface floors, but people with ceramic and marble swear by it as one of the best tile floor cleaning hacks ever. Here’s why it’s one of the best cleaning products on Amazon.

What is an O-Cedar spin mop?

If you’ve noticed how dirty and gray-looking your bucket of cleaning fluid is after a few passes of the mop, you know how stressful the idea of grimy water leaking back onto your floors is. Worse, wringing traditional mops out by hand is time-consuming and arduous. It also really sucks the fun out of using your best cleaning secrets that make your home shine.

That’s where the O-Cedar spin mop wins over traditional mops. It has a clever foot pedal that spins and wrings mops out, taking the hard work out of the equation. It allows you to control the amount of water on the mop so you can clean to your preferences.

The microfiber mop head is also machine-washable and reusable. A single order comes with four microfiber mop heads, each expected to last an average-size home about three months with weekly mopping. Speaking of, here’s how often you should clean everything in your house.

The best part of this magical mop is how easily it beats the competition in a contest of maneuverability. The brand’s patented triangle microfiber mop head rotates a full 360-degrees and reaches a variety of angles to clean baseboards, furniture and gnarly corners. If you really want to take it to the next level, finish off your mopping with one of the best steam mops.

How to Use an O-Cedar Spin Mop

“This simple mop helps us keep our hardwood floors tidy,” shares Taste of Home editor Lara Eucalano, who uses the O-Cedar spin mop on her floors. “It’s simple—dunk the mop in a bucket of warm water with a half cup of vinegar, spin to remove excess water and away we go. You use a foot pedal to spin the mop, so it’s super easy to use.”

The pedal is actually a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing. Meaning, you’ll never get that weird, icky dirty water dripping chaos on your floors again. Using only the purest water is one of the best ways to clean hardwood floors, and this bucket’s included splash guard nearly guarantees a drip-free mopping experience. Just make sure to vacuum your floors before mopping for best results. Speaking of, have you ever seen a stationary vacuum?

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Dillon B., a verified Amazon purchaser, says this mop is a wonder: “I love this mop so much, I mopped my whole house twice in a row. This mop picks up everything off the floor. Even pebbles that can be left on the floor in corners and pet hair. The wringer is perfect. I do a two-step process where I first start by getting the floor sopping wet, then I go back through with the mop as dry as I can get it. My floors are completely dry in about five minutes. Love, love, love!”

“Let me first say I hate washing the floor with a regular mop,” says Diane, another 5-star verified Amazon purchaser. “However, this is fantastic. Not only does it do a great job, the floors, both wood and tiles, look great. I have been raving about this product since I first used it. No more do I hate washing floors, no more wringing out mop heads by hand—this is wonderful.”

“I am a cleaning lady,” writes verified Amazon purchaser and professional house cleaner, Queeny. “I clean every day of the week. I have a new client that had this mop and bucket—I was skeptical. I tried it and loved it. Let me start with the fact that cleaning laminate is always an issue. There are inevitable streaks to some degree or another, and I have had to make it a two to three-step process [in the past] after the mopping to get it clean. I [would] then Windex, Bona, Swiffer Wet (or some other thing) to get the floors perfect. I can say with great pleasure that those days are over.”

Where to Buy an O-Cedar Spin Mop

O Cedar Mop And Bucketvia merchant

The bestselling O-Cedar spin mop and bucket set is available at a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Target. It’s cheaper on Amazon if you’re looking to scoop up the version with included mop head refills. If you don’t need extra mop heads, you can score it for $35 from Target.

Once you’ve secured your new mop, consider investing in one of the best Shark vacuums, too. Trust us, a good vacuum does make a difference. Clean floors, await!

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