Stationary Vacuum Review: I’m Never Using a Dustpan Again

Updated: Sep. 12, 2023

If you break out the dustpan and brush several times a day, this cool gadget is perfect for your home! We tested the Eyevac Stationary Vacuum, and it's ideal for tidying up everyday messes.

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Do you find yourself pulling out a dustpan or handheld vacuum to clean up kitchen messes throughout the day? If so, the EyeVac Stationary Vacuum is just what your home needs. This touchless vacuum stays in one spot in your kitchen, living room or other messy location. When you push debris in front of it, the vacuum automatically sucks it up!

As a professional product tester, I’ve reviewed dozens of vacuums in my career, but never one like this. I wanted to see if the EyeVac Stationary Vacuum was as cool as it seems, so I used it in my home’s messiest room for several weeks—and now I can’t live without it.

What is the EyeVac stationary vacuum?

Most vacuums are designed to be pushed around your home. Or, in the case of robot vacuums, they navigate around on their own. But the EyeVac Stationary Vacuum is a bit different. Instead of bringing the vacuum to the mess, you bring the mess to the vacuum. All you have to do is sweep debris in front of the unit and it automatically turns on, sucking up dirt, pet hair, spilled food or whatever else is on the floor.

The major benefit to this style of vacuum is that you can leave it on all the time, making for quick and convenient dirt pickup in messy rooms. Just sweep the debris in front of the vacuum, and poof! It gets sucked up, saving you from finding a dustpan or dragging out your full-size cordless vacuum.

It works on all types of hard floors, and it has an easy-to-empty bagless dustbin where it collects debris. It’s these reasons alone that make it one of our top Thanksgiving essentials for keeping floors clean without having to overthink it during holiday prep.

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Product Features

The EyeVac Stationary Vacuum has an egg-shaped design and is fairly large, measuring 18 inches tall and 13 inches wide. It has a metallic finish that comes in several different colors, including neutrals like black or accent colors like rose gold. Additionally, there’s a small control panel with two buttons on the back of the unit.

The power button lets you turn the vacuum on and off and select between automatic or manual modes. In manual mode, pressing the “Activate” button turns on the suction. The vacuum delivers 1,000 watts of suction power and, when empty, the unit weighs just over 11 pounds.

How We Tested It

sweeping dropped cereal into an EyeVacCamryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

I tested the EyeVac Stationary Vacuum in my home over the course of several weeks. I decided to set it up in the bathroom next to my cat’s litter box since she frequently tracks litter onto the floor. It certainly doesn’t feel good to step on the little pebbles barefoot, so I end up vacuuming in there every two or three days with our cordless Dyson to keep the floor clean. The stationary vacuum seemed like a perfect solution, and as it turns out, I was right!

Litter Box Test

I set up the vacuum in automatic mode, and whenever I noticed that there was litter on the floor, I simply swept it in front of the unit. The vacuum uses infrared sensors to detect motion and immediately turns itself on, sucking up the litter along with any pet hair, small plant leaves or dirt on the floor. I found that I could even just use my foot to push debris in front of the vacuum, and that was enough to activate its sensors, which is ideal for times when you don’t feel like breaking out the broom or spin mop.

On the flip side of the coin, I was nervous that the motion detection would be too sensitive and turn the vacuum on when I walked by, but it only ever activated the suction when I put a broom or my foot within a few inches of the opening.

Sucking Up Debris

While it proved effective for my litter-cleanup needs, I wanted to see what the EyeVac could—and couldn’t—handle, so I tested it on several other types of debris. It had no problem sucking up dog food, clumps of stuffing from dog toys, dry cereal, uncooked rice, small rocks—even wood chips! The vacuum’s opening is around 2 inches in diameter, though, so it wasn’t able to suck up things like cat toys or large leaves from my houseplants.

Even though the stationary vacuum’s 0.8-liter bin still had plenty of space left inside after a few weeks (!!!) of testing, I emptied it anyway, just to see what the process was like. There’s a small handle that lets you pull out the front part of the vacuum, and it easily lifts off the base for carrying to the trash. I was able to easily dump everything out by lifting the lid and flipping the bin upside down over the trash.

The process was quick and easy, and I had no problem reattaching the dustbin either. The best part? You don’t have to remember how often you should vacuum because this gadget makes it incredibly easy to remember while making the chore more enjoyable too.


  • Automatically turns on when it senses movement
  • Sucks up any household debris
  • Doesn’t activate when you walk by
  • Two built-in filters
  • Easy-to-empty dustbin
  • Makes vacuuming fun and easy


  • Somewhat bulky
  • Only works on hard floors


opening an EyeVac to show the dustbinCamryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

What is a stationary vacuum?

As the name suggests, stationary vacuums are designed to be kept in one spot in your home. When debris is swept towards the vacuum the suction is activated, pulling dirt into the dustbin. Many people use stationary vacuums as an alternative to a broom and dustpan.

Do I need to have bags for a stationary vacuum?

The EyeVac Stationary Vacuum has a bagless dustbin, which means it doesn’t require any vacuum bags for operation. Debris collects inside the vacuum, and you can easily remove and empty the dustbin when it gets full.

What type of filter does a stationary vacuum use?

The EyeVac has two filters—a pre-motor filter located inside the dustbin, and an exhaust filter on the side of the unit. Both these filters are washable, but the brand also sells replacement units that you can swap in if needed.

How do you clean a stationary vacuum?

There’s very little maintenance required for this stationary vacuum. You’ll want to wash the filters every few months to keep them clean, and the brand also recommends cleaning out the dustbin occasionally with warm water and mild soap. You may also need to wipe off the sensors and inlet area every few weeks, as they can get coated in dust.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

I’m not the only one who loves the EyeVac Stationary Vacuum!

“This is just what I needed in my home,” shares five-star reviewer, James Metheney. “We keep it near the kitchen and sweep everything right up to it and it sucks everything up. No more dust pan! No more bending over to try and sweep up the little bits that get left behind when using a dust pan. My wife sometimes cuts hair out of the home and this is just the perfect solution.”

Verified purchaser, Teresa Johnson, writes, “I NEVER write reviews, but wow, this is the best product I have gotten in a long time!! I have three huge dogs (a husky, a long-haired German shepherd and a shepherd/pit mix) all blowing coats. I had a ball the size of a shih tzu and it sucked it up like it was nothing.”

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Product Comparison

EyeVac offers two other stationary vacuum models that you may want to consider as you shop. The EyeVac Pro boasts more power—1,400 watts, to be precise—making it better suited for heavy-duty use in commercial settings, such as hair salons or workshops.

There’s also the EyeVac Pet, which offers 1,400 watts of power and a slightly larger design. Both of these models are more expensive than the regular EyeVac Home Stationary Vacuum. And, given the results of our testing, we think the base model is more than powerful enough for most everyday cleanups.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to pick up everyday messes in your home, the EyeVac Stationary Vacuum is a worthwhile investment. With this vacuum in your home, you can easily sweep up debris without ever having to break out the dustpan. It’s ideal for picking up spilled food, pet hair and everyday dirt. It’s also beneficial for those who may have trouble bending over, as it offers a less strenuous way to clean.

Where to Buy the EyeVac Stationary Vacuum

EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuumvia merchant

The EyeVac Stationary Vacuum is available from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Target and Walmart. It generally costs around $150, but you can often find it for less during major sale holidays. And, let’s be honest, can you really put a price on such fast, easy cleaning?

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