We Found Adorable Mini Cucumbers That Will Make Lunchtime So Much Cuter

Move over, baby carrots. There's a new pint-sized vegetable in town!

You can sneak fresh cucumbers into salads, salsa and pita pockets. Of course, we love to do this because they’re packed with health benefits. Now that we’ve discovered mini cucumbers, though, we’re happy to eat a cucumber all by itself!

We found this adorable container of CuteCumber Poppers in the Midwest, and it was love at first sight. Unlike baby carrots, which are whittled down from regular-sized carrots, mini cucumbers are grown specifically to be a one-bite snack.

What Can You Do with Mini Cucumbers?

These mini cukes hold appeal for all ages. They’re a kid-pleasing snack straight from the fridge, make for the perfect, healthy desk snack for grown-ups and could even be a picnic hit, showcased as part of a vegetable spread.

We know that mini cucumbers are practically made for dipping. Break out that bottle of ranch or get creative with some of our favorite dip recipes! We bet they’d also make pretty cute pickles, packed into small canning jars. (You can get started with easy refrigerator pickles.)

Do you know your Kirbys from your gherkins? Here are some popular cucumber varieties, along with how to identify, grow and eat them.

Where to Find Them

CuteCumber Poppers come in convenient 9-ounce packs for on-the-go snacking or in larger 2-pound tubs complete with creamy dip. They’ve been spotted at Pick ‘n Save, a Kroger chain in the Midwest, but keep your eye out for them at your grocery store.

If you can’t find this specific brand, you can also pick up mini cucumbers at national chains like Target, Walmart and Aldi. Start crunching!

Cool & Creamy Dips for Your Mini Cucumbers
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