Can You Eat Raw Flour?

We all love a bite of raw cookie dough, but we have to know before we dig in: Can you eat raw flour?

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We know how tempting it is to lick the spatula after stirring up a batch of brownie batter. And don’t get us started on cookie dough. But before you take a taste, you need to know the answer to this question: Can you eat raw flour?

Is Raw Flour Safe to Eat?

Nope. We’re sorry to burst your bubble here, but it is not safe to eat raw flour.

According to the FDA, the grains milled to make flour can be easily exposed to harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. These are the kinds of bacteria that are often involved in food recalls.

If you ingest food contaminated with these bacteria, per the CDC, you can experience food poisoning symptoms like stomach upset, nausea and more. These symptoms can be especially dangerous for young children and adults over 65.

So How Can You Safely Sneak a Bite of Cookie Dough?

So what does this raw flour revelation mean for you in the kitchen?

It means that you shouldn’t eat raw flour in any form. That means no cookie dough, no brownie batter—not even when these come from a boxed mix. Boxed mixes of all kinds also use raw flour.

If you can’t resist the idea of enjoying these treats or want to use boxed mixes in no-bake recipes, you can take a few steps to ensure food safety in your kitchen.

First, make sure that whatever it is you want to create is also egg-free. Raw eggs are also not safe to eat unless they are pasteurized.

Then get to work on the flour.

Make Heat-Treated Flour

Heat-treating just means cooking the flour on its own. To do this, spread the flour or packaged mix out on a sheet pan. Then bake at 350ºF for 7 minutes. Cool the flour and use it in the recipe of your choosing, like edible cookie dough.

And if you want to skip this step, you’re in luck. Grocery stories carry several edible cookie dough brands. You can also buy it online from companies like Doughp (hello, Brownie Beast!) and Cheryl’s.

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