These Bottle Bright Tablets Will Make Your Drinkware Sparkle

PSA: It's time to clean your water bottle (and tea mug and coffee mug). These Bottle Bright tablets fizz away all bacteria and grime for just-like-new drinkware.

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There are few things more essential to my daily routine than my Yeti Rambler water bottle. It keeps my water cool, it reminds me to drink eight glasses a day, and it ensures I don’t rely on plastic water bottles when I’m on the go. But do I wash it as often as I should? Probably not. Our water bottles can be home to more bacteria than we might think. And that’s not to mention teapots and coffee mugs.

Enter the viral Bottle Bright cleaning tablets. These genius cleaners make refreshing your bottles a breeze.

What is Bottle Bright water bottle cleaner?

Bottle Bright Tablet via merchant

Reviews promise that this water bottle cleaner is like magic, and this is one of the products that actually deserves the high praise. After all, you don’t earn tens of thousands of fans for nothing.

Bottle Brights are stain- and odor-removing tablets that dissolve in water and clean out your water bottles, coffee containers and even electric kettles to make them look as though they’re fresh off the shelf.

I’m a fan of all-natural solutions—vinegar and baking soda are common cleaning supplies in our house, and the Bottle Bright tablets are made with safe, non-harmful ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Use them on plastic, stainless steel, glass, ceramic and even these tech-filled smart water bottles to wipe away bacteria and build-up from coffee, tea and other drinks.

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How to Use Bottle Bright

The only thing better than how well the Bottle Bright tablets clean is how easy they are to use. Fill your container of choice with warm water (you’ll want to use 1 tablet per 1 liter of water), drop in a tablet, then leave it for 15-30 minutes as it fizzes away all the dirt and grime that’s built up. Simply rinse out your container, and you’ll be ready to sip in no time!

Dealing with older or tougher stains? You might have to use a little elbow grease or leave the tablets fizzing for slightly longer.

Your fridge deserves a good cleaning, too. Here are the best drink organizers to keep it tidy. Then, keep upping your water game with the best water filter pitchers.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

We’re not the only ones stocking up on this handy cleaning staple. The Bottle Bright tablets have won over thousands of devotees on Amazon.

“These tablets do a phenomenal job of cleaning my stainless steel coffee carafe,” Amazon verified reviewer R. Manning wrote. “It looks brand new each time, and I’ve been using these tablets for years. Great stuff.”

“This stuff knocked my socks off! I have a thermal coffee carafe that I’ve never been able to clean properly,” Debbe McMaster raves. “My carafe looks brand new!!! These tablets are MAGIC!”

Where to Buy Bottle Bright

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Bottle Bright bottle cleaning tablets are available from various online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and REI, for around $8 per pack of twelve. Welcome to your clean era!

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