You Can Now Buy a Faucet That Spouts Sparkling Water

Get refreshing, fizzy water straight from your kitchen sink with this sparkling water faucet.

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If you prefer your drinks to have plenty of bubbles, listen up. You can now get sparkling water out of a faucet. With the Grohe Blue you can get crisp sparkling water directly from your tap. But don’t worry—you’ll still have regular tap water for doing the dishes and washing your hands.

If that’s not enough to convince you, make sure you know all the health benefits of drinking enough water.

How It Works

To keep water running smoothly, this faucet has two handles. A sleek rotating faucet handle lets you select your water of choice. For cool still water, push the top button. For medium sparkling water, push both buttons. If you believe the more bubbles, the better: push the lower button for full sparkling water (time for fizzy wine spritzers!).

A handle on the other side controls the tap, which is sourced by a completely separate waterway within the faucet. This ensures tap water never gets into the filtration system.

How to Get It

The Grohe Blue faucet is available for under $600 at Home Depot, Lowe’s and even on Amazon. In addition to the faucet, installation requires a water filter, carbonator and chiller, so you might need a plumber’s help getting everything hooked up correctly. Keep in mind, this sparkling water faucet cannot be used with softened water.

Bonus: It’s Environmentally Friendly

We love that the Grohe Blue allows users to kick wasteful single-use plastic bottles to the curbside recycling bin. According to, Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles per year. It’s estimated that the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic waste flows into the ocean every minute!

If you do spring for a Grohe Blue faucet, you can fill up one of these slick reusable water bottles with your new fizzy water. If you decide this faucet’s not for you, find out which sparkling water brand won our blind taste test.

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