This Bat Wine Opener Is a Must-Have for Your Halloween Party

Spooky season is officially here. The must-have accessory for your next party? A bat wine opener that's fun, functional and ideal for Halloween!

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Delight the ghosts and ghouls at your Hocus Pocus watch party with the perfect accessory. This bat wine opener is sure to get even Dracula into a festive mood. It’s the perfect tool for popping open bottles of blood-red wine and spooky brews—or treating your guests to Halloween-inspired cocktails.

Here’s what you need to know about this scary-cute bar cart accessory.

What is a bat wine opener?

Bat Wine OpenerKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

The bat wine opener, named Vino, is as adorable as he is spooky. He has tiny fangs and wings that open and close as you use him, making him your trusty Halloween sidekick. (Check out some of our other favorite Halloween gifts for those who can’t get enough witches and zombies.)

With an alloy and metal construction, Vino is sturdy and functional. With a corkscrew and a tab, he can help open any bottle of wine or beer. The bat wine opener is also BPA-free, rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean and use without worrying about chemicals.

Want to make your home even more festive for spooky season? This Gracula garlic crusher will be Vino’s perfect pal, this crab spoon rest is a lifesaver for your kitchen countertops, and Halloween Scrub Daddy sponges make cleaning fun.

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How to Use a Bat Wine Opener

Bat Wine OpenerKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

Far more than just a novelty item, Vino the bat wine opener puts the “fun” in “functional.” We put him to the test and were impressed by the sturdy quality and smart design details. His fangs cut through the foil on top of your wine, and as you twist the corkscrew, his wings expand like he’s about to take flight.

His wings are made out of sturdy silicone for easy wiping in case there’s a spill. And his face opens a beer bottle with ease. Designed to be durable, Vino adds surprise and entertainment to something as simple as opening a bottle. Plus, could he look any cuter on a bar cart?

About the same size as an average wine opener, Vino makes it easy to keep the bottles uncorked and uncapped during all of your holiday gatherings. See for yourself thanks to the OTOTO_Design TikTok page.

@ototo_design If you can’t tell, we love Vino 😍🦇🍾 and we think you will too! #ototo #corkscrew #bottleopener #wine #founditonamazon ♬ original sound – Caelan Ralston

The Best User Reviews

The bat wine opener is a best seller on Amazon. Here’s what other devoted fans have to say:

Verified purchaser, Megan Lester, says, “I love a functional item with a sense of humor and a bit of style. This wine opener delivered just that.”

Verified Amazon purchaser Jasmine bought it as a novelty item but discovered it wasn’t just limited to October parties. “It’s actually super sturdy and highly functional,” she writes. “If you’re into Halloween, got a flare for the alternative or simply love bats, this is a great gift! I’d highly recommend it for anyone’s kitchen.”

“Why would I want a normal wine bottle opener when I could have this hilarious bat-shaped one?” questions Taste of Home Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski. “Seriously he’s so cute. And I love the attention to detail—like how his fangs grip a bottle cap. Plus, he’s shockingly well-made. I expect Vino to last for many years.”

Where to Buy the Bat Wine Opener

Bat Corckscrew Wine Openervia merchant

Find the bat wine opener on Amazon for about $35. And while spookiness lasts for just one season, Vino’s ready for action all year long. Our favorite wine subscription boxes will make sure he’s always busy!

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