Rice Recipes

Keep a bag of rice on hand, and you’ll be able to make dozens of recipes with rice in a pinch. You’ll never be bored with our interesting rice recipes!

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    Coconut Rice

    My first experience with coconut rice was in Belize, where it was served alongside black beans and chicken. The coconut

    Crispy Rice

    Crispy rice squares are a great use for leftover rice. We topped these with California roll-inspired toppings, but the sky's...

    How Long Does Rice Last in the Fridge?

    How long does rice last in the fridge after it's cooked? The shelf life is much shorter than you think.

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    Avgolemono Soup

    1 review

    While "avgolemono" may be tricky to pronounce if you didn’t grow up eating traditional Greek food, the recipe itself couldn’t...

    Slow-Cooker Chicken and Rice

    There’s nothing like an easy slow-cooker recipe to save the day during busy work weeks and packed school schedules. This

    Easy Pesto Risotto with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    1 review

    I love this recipe because the pressure cooker does the work for you. I'm able to make the rest of...

    Meaty Wild Rice Meatballs in Cranberry Sauce

    1 review

    We celebrate Indigenous People's Day in October. Native Americans in Minnesota have been harvesting wild rice for several hundred years....

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    We Made Ina Garten’s Easy Risotto, and It’s Really As Simple As She Says

    Leave it to Ina Garten to find a way to make easy risotto.

    How to Add More Flavor to White Rice, According to Chefs

    It's one of the most basic ingredients in the world—but it doesn't have to taste that way.

    How to Make the Best Crispy Rice

    Crispy rice is the crunchy snack of my dreams—and soon to be yours too!

    The Two Best Methods for How to Wash Rice

    Once you learn how to wash rice correctly, apply it to your recipes for a huge upgrade in taste, texture...

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    We Tried the Viral Crispy Rice Sushi Waffles and We’re Obsessed

    Why is everyone suddenly putting rice in their waffle maker? We made the popular sushi waffle and now we know.

    Pressure-Cooker Shrimp RIsotto

    Shrimp and risotto are two of my favorite dishes. But risotto takes time and attention when cooked on the stovetop....

    Cranberry-Orange Chicken Risotto

    This pressure-cooker chicken risotto is impressive enough to be on a restaurant menu. The ingredients are comforting and make for...

    8 Ingredients You Should Have on Hand to Recession-Proof Your Pantry

    Superstar pantry ingredients like beans, tinned fish and dried pasta save money without sacrificing flavor.

    Arroz Verde con Pollo

    5 reviews

    This Peruvian-style recipe is hands-off and surprisingly family-friendly—even my 16-month-old son loves it. Want it spicier? Use jalapenos instead of...

    Pressure-Cooker Butternut Rice Pudding

    This tasty rice pudding blends all our favorite flavors of fall into one comforting dessert. The ease of the pressure...

    Pressure-Cooker Tex-Mex Risotto

    4 reviews

    I love food with lots of flavor and a Mexican twist, but am too lazy to stand over a pot...

    Pressure-Cooker Paprika Shrimp and Rice

    1 review

    My family loves seafood as well as rice dishes, so this is a clear winner with them. Best of all,...

    Pressure-Cooker Thai Sweet Chili Pork Bowls

    6 reviews

    My family loves pork tenderloin as well as Thai food, so I decided to combine the two in this easy...

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    The Best Rice Cookers of 2024, Tested By Our Kitchen Experts

    Don't burn another pot of rice on the stove! Instead, grab the best rice cooker for your cooking style. You'll...

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    What Is Risotto?

    What is risotto? It's only one of our favorite Italian dishes! This creamy rice dish is warm and comforting, and...

    How to Make the Simple Salmon Bowl Recipe from TikTok

    This TikTok salmon and rice bowl is the perfect way to dress up your leftovers. Here's what to do!

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    Sweet Potato Pilaf

    4 reviews

    The combination of sweet potatoes, bacon, asparagus and kale makes this simple Sweet Potato Kale Pilaf taste amazing! To save...

    Indian Rice and Carrot Pudding

    This Indian carrot pudding recipe is rich in flavor and very easy to prepare. —Daljeet Singh, Coral Springs, Florida

    Mixed Veggies and Rice

    To add variety to sides for those who don't care for potatoes, I came up with this colorful dish. It's...

    How to Make Fried Rice at Home

    Growing up working in my family's Chinese takeout restaurant, I've made and served fried rice of all sorts. Here's...

    How to Cook Rice on the Stove (and Other Methods)

    Learn how to cook rice using several different methods—and the correct rice-to-water ratios for various rice varieties.

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    Our Test Kitchen’s Favorite Instant Rice Brands

    No time to make rice on the stovetop? No worries. We tried all kinds of instant rice brands to find...