Dried Apple Recipes

Have a stash of dried apples hanging in your pantry? Use them up in one of our delicious recipes with dried apples. Think dried apple muffins, cakes and more old fashioned favorites.

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    Apple, Raisin and Walnut Bread

    ??My rustic bread studded with raisins and walnuts is great for breakfast with a cup of coffee or can even be eaten as a sweet snack. It’s divine with melted butter or spread with apple butter or jam.
    —Geneva Garrison, Jacksonville, FL

    Moist Applesauce Fruitcake

    5 reviews

    The recipe for this flavorful cake has been handed down in my husbands' family for four generations.

    Apple Snack Mix

    With apple chips and cereal in fun shapes, this cute mix makes a tasty, nutritious gift, bake sale item or...

    Apple Stack Cake

    1 review

    My mom loved to bake this sky-high apple stack cake. Layer the apple goodness two days before serving. Later, a...

    Spiced Cran-Apple Brisket

    7 reviews

    “Kids seem to love this recipe the most, although every adult who tastes it becomes an instant fan as well....

    Apricot-Apple Cranberry Sauce

    1 review

    Though I prefer this as a side dish, my sister swears it makes the best topping in the world for...

    Pork Roast with Apple Topping

    1 review

    Meet the Cook: Since I was in 4-H, I've been an avid cook. This recipe's one my mother-in-law and I...

    Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal Mix

    10 reviews

    Apple cinnamon oatmeal is a breakfast staple at our house. It's a warm nutritious start to the day that keeps...

    Russian Krendl Bread

    2 reviews

    While dinning with a Russian immigrant family, I jumped at the chance to add this wonderful bread they served to...

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    Granola-To-Go Bars

    40 reviews

    This grab & go goodie makes a hearty snack for a long day out. Chewy and sweet, these fruity bars...

    Apple-Cranberry Wild Rice

    1 review

    Dried apples, cranberries and savory nicely complement the wild rice and leek in this delicious recipe from Marion Karlin of...

    Chewy Apple Oatmeal Cookies

    22 reviews

    My family has always loved oatmeal raisin cookies, but I wanted to try something new with the classic recipe. We...

    Fruity Cereal Bars

    2 reviews

    With dried apples and cranberries, these crispy cereal bars are perfect for snacks or brown-bag lunches. —Giovanna Kranenberg, Cambridge, Minnesota

    Rice Pilaf with Apples & Raisins

    4 reviews

    I love making bulgar pilaf with apricots. So glad I tried it with dried apples and golden raisins! —Elizabeth Dumont,...

    Fruit & Cereal Snack Mix

    Tart dried cranberries and cherries are a nice contrast to the sweet cereal in this kid-friendly snack. It's a great...

    Cranberry Apple Tart

    1 review

    Bursting with the colors and flavors of the season, this eye-fetching treat is a welcomed addition to any celebration. We...

    Grain-Free Apple Pie Granola

    Because of food allergies, I’ve learned to swap ingredients. There are no grains in this granola but loads of nuts...

    Raisin Oatmeal Mix

    6 reviews

    "We like the sweet cinnamony flavor of this instant oatmeal at our house," relates Robert Caummisar of Grayson, Kentucky. The...