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Show off your style in every room with these expert ideas for home and kitchen decor. Get inspired by pretty tablescapes, inspiring kitchen themes, color schemes and more.

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20 Easy Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Any Home

You don't have to be rural to get this comfortable look. Here are some easy ways to incorporate that farmhouse...

The Perfect Houseplant for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Not sure what houseplant to add to your collection next? Let the stars be your guide!

How to Buy Plates That Are Perfect for Your Kitchen

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9 Common Houseplants Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

They may be pretty…but they’re also pretty toxic to our furry friends.

You Can Now Buy a Faucet That Spouts Sparkling Water

Get refreshing, fizzy water straight from your kitchen sink with this sparkling water faucet.

20 Houseplants to Spruce Up Every Room in 2020

Spruce up your home this New Year with any of these 20 houseplants.

15 Soothing Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

Use these decorating and lifestyle ideas for your bedroom to create a retreat that's truly a relaxing place to wind...

17 Chic Outdoor Christmas Decorations

If you're looking for thoughtful pieces that make your front door, porch, yard and more feel chic this inspirational list...

What Is the 2020 Color of the Year?

Pantone just named its "Color of the Year" for the first year of the new decade.

19 DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Right at Home

It's easy to deck your tree with crafty homemade Christmas ornaments. Just grab your baking sheets, hot glue gun and...

10 Holiday Decorating Tips Straight from the Experts

We chatted with interior designers and influencers to discover the latest trends that will make your home feel fresh. Take...

16 Types of Succulents to Keep as Houseplants

We found the best types of succulents to keep as houseplants so that you can grow desert blooms in your...

The Best Kitchen Items to Buy at Kohl’s Right Now

From appliances and gadgets to decor, here are the must-have kitchen items at Kohl's.

11 Houseplants That Are Practically Invincible

Well, maybe they're not really invincible, but they're as close as it gets!

9 Attractive Houseplants You Literally Can’t Kill

These beautiful faux houseplants will look just as lovely as (or maybe better than!) the real deal.

10 Non-Toxic Houseplants That Are Safe for Your Pets

If you're eager to fill your rooms with houseplants but don't want to risk harming your pets, check out these...

50 Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Happiest Holiday

Wondering how to deck your halls? We're here to help with dozens of Christmas decorating ideas.

15 Colorful Ideas for Dia de los Muertos Decorations

Mark your calendars for November 2nd: Dia de los Muertos. We found masks, DIY projects, candles and more Dia de...

15 Front Door Décor Ideas You Can DIY

Change up your front door decor with every season with these amazing DIY ideas.

If You Decorated Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign, This is How it Would Look

There's no shortage of style when astrology rules your home decor choices.

The Property Brothers Say to Avoid These Two Colors for Your Walls

Before you grab that paint and roller, keep this advice in mind.

10 Whiskey Decanters You Need on Your Shelf

It's time to add a classy whiskey decanter (or two!) to your home bar. Let's show off that whiskey, bourbon...

So Long, Marble: This New Stone Trend Is About to Be EVERYWHERE

Get ready to see this countertop all over Instagram!

10 Updated Laminate Countertop Ideas That Don’t Look Like Laminate

Both durable and less expensive, laminate has come a long way from the kitchen of your childhood. Countertop makers are...

The Best Patio and Outdoor Decor for Summer 2023

These low-lift outdoor decor picks still manage to make a statement on any patio or porch.

20 Easy DIY Kitchen Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Full kitchen remodels are expensive and take months to complete. But transformation doesn't have to come at such a high...

10 Things You Never Thought to Do With Your Vintage Teacups

If you have extra vintage teacups and kettles lying around, we've got a list of DIY projects that will transform...

Getting New Kitchen Countertops? Here are the Pros and Cons You Should Know

New counters can transform your kitchen, add value to your home and even make cooking and cleanup easier. But if...