50 Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Happiest Holiday

Updated: Feb. 13, 2024

Wondering how to deck your halls? We're here to help with dozens of Christmas decorating ideas.

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Homemade Snow Globes

One of the joys of decorating for Christmas is creating something totally unique for your home. This year, make your very own snow globes. Use glass canisters or cloches as the base. Fill it with a dusting of faux snow (that can be glitter, felt strips or fluffy batting). Then nestle in holiday figurines, ornaments and even a string of battery-operated twinkle lights.

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Country Woman Magazine's Countdown to Christmas Wreath holiday decor craft project
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DIY Advent Calendar

Make your countdown to Christmas extra fun (and sweet) with an Advent calendar. Bonus points if you make and fill the calendar yourself!

If you want to make a homemade version like ours, mount tins on a wooden ring. From there, decorate the lids and fill tins with sweet treats, stickers or small toys. Then hang it up.

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Garland with circular Christmas card cutouts decorating it
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Christmas Card Garland

Still have last year’s holiday cards? You can upcycle Christmas cards and turn them into decor. For starters, make a simple garland. Use a large paper punch to cut out rounds from the old cards (you can supplement with patterned scrapbook paper). Glue circles together along a strand of baker’s twine or colorful yarn. Our stylists suggest you drape this homemade garland along your mantel or wrap it around a banister.

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Paper CHristmas Crafts With Building a Tiny Town with Christmas Decorations, Wreaths, Lights and Festive Decor
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Christmas Village

Cardboard Christmas villages are making a comeback! Set up your collection that’s been stashed in the attic or build a new town from the ground up: Many department stores and home decor shops carry petite villages, but you can also find original vintage pieces at antique stores. Complete your vision with a few strands of twinkle lights, tiny bottlebrush trees and miniatures of all kinds.

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Value Add; Beauty Shot; Place Setting; Winter Theme; Table Decor
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Evergreen Accents

Part of decorating for Christmas is imbuing your home with that wonderful holiday smell. For many, that means the smell of evergreen. Use fresh pine or cedar wherever you can; amplify it with candle scents. You can also make stovetop potpourri with citrus and spices.

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Country Woman Magazine's Painted Basket Holding Balsam Logs and Tree Seasonal Home Decor Craft Project
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Balsams in Baskets

We love artificial trees. They make decorating for Christmas so simple (and you can enjoy them for much longer than fresh!). The only drawback is the unmistakably fake trunk. Our set stylists easily disguise the base of an artificial tree by nestling it inside a basket. Use this trick for big and small trees alike.

 Next, explore- The best Balsam Hill Christmas Trees!

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record player with christmas music
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Christmas Music Display

While your holiday Spotify playlist may be on repeat this time of year, don’t neglect your records. A few festive albums can really make your home feel and look holly-jolly. Display your latest listens on a shelf; album covers can double as decor (and you get to show off your impeccable taste!).

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Dark Christmas Interior With Christmas Pillow, fireplace and emerald green sofa
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Holiday Linens

Give your everyday throw pillows and blankets a rest during the holiday season. Spruce up your sofa with a few festive extras. These can be overtly holiday-y or just extra snuggly.

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Red Christmas Tree Decorated with Disco Ball Mirrored Balls, Glitter and Sparkles
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Disco Decorations

Yes, disco Christmas is a design trend—and one we’re fully embracing. This style takes the shine of the holiday season to the next level. Add some sparkle with disco ball tree ornaments or insert a few baubles in a centerpiece. Your string lights will shine all the brighter thanks to the myriad mirrors.

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Christmas card crafts
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Easy Card Display

Is your fridge door overcrowded with holiday messages? Display these cards in a fun and festive way. Use colorful washi tape to outline a tree on your wall. Then tape up card “ornaments.”

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Overhead of Multicolored Assorted Ornaments Resting in a White tray on a linen background with ornaments scattered around a table place setting
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Ornament Displays

The tree is by no means the limit for decorating with ornaments. Taste of Home‘s stylists pile them in bowls, vases or another vessel for an oh-so-easy centerpiece. Pick up shatterproof ornaments for this task, though; no one wants to pry tiny shards of glass out of their carpeting.

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Cookie Cutter Wreath Cwdj21 Pu5246 08 E12 12bc
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Cookie Cutter Wreath

If you have dented or rusted cookie cutters that should really be retired, repurpose them as a festive kitchen wreath. Adhere holiday scrapbook paper to the back of each cutter so the design peeks through, then glue them all together to create a wreath shape. You can hang as-is or accent with a bow.

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Coffee Bar Decor

‘Tis the season for peppermint mochas and ginger-spiced coffee. Decorate your kitchen’s coffee station to match what’s brewing. This can mean including holiday mugs, napkins or just a few seasonal coffee creamers.

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Pink Christmas Tree In Domestic Setting with Pink and Gold Christmas Balls, Pink Wrapped Presents and Christmas Decorations along the fireplace mantle behind the Christmas Tree
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Surprising Color Scheme

Red and green, silver and gold—these are the typical Christmas color schemes. But why not branch out and do Christmas your way? We love the idea of a pink Christmas tree (which does work well with the metallics of the season), but try others like blue, lavender or even black!

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The Christmas Pickle, a Glass Pickle Ornament, pictured with a cutout of a Christmas Tree with Instructions on how to follow the silly Christmas Tradition
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Silly Christmas Traditions

While we love the sophistication of fresh pine boughs and white lights, the holidays are all about traditions—even goofy ones. The Christmas pickle is a popular custom. We promise that a singular pickle ornament won’t disrupt your perfectly curated tree too much.

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Gingerbread houses
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Gingerbread Village

Hold up—decor that’s actually edible? Yep! Festive gingerbread houses are the perfect accessory for your holiday buffet table. (And they make a delicious post-party snack for the host.)

Psst: If you plan to leave these creations out for more than a day or two, you likely won’t want to eat them.

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A beautiful wreath of greens and mixed fresh citrus over a foyer table.
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Fresh Wreath

A wreath of fresh pine, eucalyptus or even herbs will add texture and fragrance to your home. Make your own or dress up a store-bought one. Increase the aroma by nestling pomanders—oranges studded with whole cloves—and other citrus into any wreath you have at home.

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Taste of Home's Jingle Jammies Brunch Party inspiration for holiday entertaining featuring seasonal Christmas table decor Easy Table Runner
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Wrapping Paper Table Runner

If you don’t want to shell out for a new holiday tablecloth, break out a roll of wrapping paper! A length of Christmas paper adds cheer to any tabletop—be it in the dining room or on the coffee table.

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Natural Wood Nativity Scene made of sticks, straw and natural wood on a bright, white background
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Christmas Creche

Nativities or creche scenes are an integral part of decorating for Christmas. These days, you can find all kinds of nativity sets to suit your space and style.

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Dress Up The Kitchen by Decorating for Christmas with Holiday Hand Towels, Holiday Plates, Specialized Utensil Holder and Various Christmas Decorations Spread Around Kitchen Prep Areas
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Kitchen Linens

Between baking cookies and whipping up Christmas dinner, we know you’re going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen this season. Cheer up your space with Christmas towels and kitchen mats. They’ll look great with a few decorations nestled into counter nooks or hung on the wall (like the cookie cutter wreath we mentioned earlier!).

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Minimal Christmas Decoration On White Wall Background with Clear Christmas Lights and Small Natural Pine Trees and Limbs
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Small Natural Trees

Love the idea of a real tree but don’t want to sweep up heaps of needles? Invest in a petite version—think Charlie Brown. A short fir tree in a pot or stand will add aroma and ambiance with way less mess.

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ladder christmas tree
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Ladder Tree

Here’s a decoration a DIYer would love. Wrap a wooden ladder in plenty of twinkle lights. Then use fishing line to dangle plenty of ornaments. This is a great way to add height and light to any room of your home without having to chop down another Christmas tree.

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Red Square Front Door With Glass Panel And Holiday Decorations with Holiday Branches, Ribbons and Gold Bells
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Door Bells

Hang bells on your front door. Each time guests stop by, you’ll both be greeted by that jolly jingle jangle. Weave bells into wreathes, tie them up with bows or twist them into garlands.

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Vintage Dishes

Decorating for Christmas always makes us feel nostalgic. Lean into these feelings and bring out your favorite family treasures. Grandma’s holiday dishes—like these vintage Pyrex eggnog cups—are the perfect place to start.

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Beautifully Decorated Living Room Mantle, with Christmas Sock Stockings Hanging On Fireplace Waiting For Presents
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Unmatched Stockings

Make sure your stocking is ready for ol’ Saint Nick! Personalized stockings are a great way to show family members’ individuality during the holiday season. And if you don’t have a fireplace mantel, our stylists say don’t sweat it. Hang them on railings or coat racks instead.

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Luxurious, light interior in Scandinavian style with a frame with an inscription decorated with a Christmas tree, sheep skin and pillows.
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Cheery Chalkboard

Give your kitchen chalkboard a break from meal planning and grocery lists during the holidays; instead, use it as Christmas decor. With chalk pens, draw a snowy scene or write the lyrics to your favorite holiday tune.

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Christmas Tree Decorations Resting in Holiday Tea Cups on a Linen placemat against a bright white Christmas Holiday Decoration Setup
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Teacup Trees

You don’t need masterful crafting skills to create these cute centerpieces. Just pull out your favorite holiday mugs (or raid the thrift store for some) and nestle small bottlebrush trees inside. Display them solo—ideal for your coffee bar—or in a cluster on a tabletop or shelf.

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New year winter home interior decor.
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Minimalist Decor

Don’t feel like your holiday decorations have to be over the top. Minimal touches—like a strand of lights, a simple wreath and typography wall art—get the job done just as well.

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Festive Holiday Bar Cart in a living room
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Bedecked Bar

Make sure your home bar is stocked for the holiday season. That means having everyone’s favorite spirits on hand for Christmas cocktails. Add some festive accents, too, like holiday glassware, bottlebrush trees and twinkle lights.

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Santa table setting
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Playful Place Settings

Is it your turn to host Christmas? Set a festive table to suit the celebration. Go over the top or just add some simple touches, like these Santa napkin rings. To make these, we cut gold belt buckles from glittery craft paper. Then threaded black ribbon through and tied it around a red napkin.

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Felt Garland Wrapped Around a Vertical Style Bulletin Memo Board for a Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Decoration
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Felt Garland

Buy or make your own felt garland (you’ll find felt balls and beads at many craft stores). Drape these handcrafted strands over frames, doorways and mantels. Removable plastic hooks are a smart way to keep them in place for the season.

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Glass Mushroom and Mushroom Ornament Decorations In Reusable Christmas Tree
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Mushroom Ornaments

Mushroom decor is all the rage, but ‘shrooms are a perennial favorite when it comes to decorating for Christmas. The red and white color palette fits right into the holiday color scheme, plus these Christmas mushrooms are considered good luck in many cultures.

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Decorated Christmas Bedroom With Christmas Tree and natural pine and pine cone garland wrapped around bed headboard
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Bedroom Decorations

You go all out in the rest of the house, so why not add a little Christmas cheer to your bedroom? A strand of twinkle lights, a tiny tree on the dresser or a few festive throw pillows can go a long way in making spirits bright.

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Christmas Porch Display with "Peace" Red sign against home siding with logs, assorted branches and Winter decorations displayed around the concrete pad
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Porch Display

A large graphic sign is a great way to add instant cheer to your porch or entryway. Accent your sign with evergreens and berries or a basket of birch logs or pinecones.

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Country Woman Magazine's Seasonal Home Decor Clay Trees Craft Project against a Bright window with the window ledge decorated for the Christmas Holiday
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Clay Luminaries

Take your holiday DIYs beyond homemade ornaments. Use polymer or lightweight modeling clay to create tree luminaries. Use small cookie cutters, straws and skewers to cut small holes into the cones. For safety, use battery-operated tea lights or string lights to illuminate these homemade trees from the inside.

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Beautiful floral arrangement
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Glam Glass Accessories

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to pull out all the stops! We’re talking gold, gilt and glitter. Glam up everyday accessories like vases and votive holders by covering them in sparkly wrapping paper or washi tape. It’s an easy way to use what you have.

When you’re done customizing your glass pieces, learn how to arrange flowers for centerpiece perfection.

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Handcrafted Christmas Popcorn Garland With Red Cranberries and white popped popcorn threaded onto a string with a needle and thread to decorate your Christmas Tree in a Zero Waste Eco friendly way
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Popcorn Garland

Break out the popcorn popper! A hand-strung popcorn and cranberry garland is a fun way to add old-fashioned charm to your home. It’s also a great activity to enjoy during a holiday movie night. Hang these garlands inside or out; wild birds and other critters will love the snacks.

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Antique Exterior Wooden Door with Fresh Fallen Snow, an old Toboggan with skates attached leaning against the white exterior of the home
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Snow-Sports Decor

Have an old sled kicking around the shed? Use it to decorate for Christmas. Prop the sleigh on your porch and dress it with a small wreath or ribbons. Snowshoes or ice skates work, too. All these nostalgic touches make for great holiday decor when accented with some wintry extras. You can leave them up into the New Year!

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Country Woman Magazine's Vintage Ornament Tree DIY holiday home decor craft project
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Ornament Trees

Have ornaments to spare? Grab a foam cone and wire (or hot glue) ornaments on it from bottom to top. These make for dazzling centerpieces, though they also look great on mantels, hearths and end tables.

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Decorated Window At Christmas with Potted Poinsettias, Ribbon, Stockings and Ornaments along the window edge
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Poinsettias are an easy way to add color and cheer to your home. These Christmas plants are readily available in the classic red and green combination, but you can also find white, cream and pink varieties at many holiday stores and garden centers.

Poinsettias are poisonous to pets, so if you’ve got four-legged friends at home, opt for faux.

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White Christmas Style with Bright White Candles in a Snowflake Etched Candle Holders Against a Blue Christmas Residential Setting
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Snowy Candleholders

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, make it happen (indoors, at least) by decorating with plenty of snowy white decorations. Pull off this sophisticated tone-on-tone effect by placing clear glass seed beads in candleholders, then setting pillar candles inside.

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Christmas table setting.

Lit-up Centerpiece

The easiest way to turn a plain room into a cozy space is with strings of twinkle lights. Don’t save ’em just for the tree. String your favorites across the center of your table to make an eye-catching centerpiece. Opt for a battery-operated type so you can easily hide the cord.

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Bring The Outdoors In With Live Fur Pine Samplings Resting in a Green Glass Cup on a Wooden Table Setting atop of a woven placemat
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No-Cost Bouquets

Your backyard might just have just what you need to complete your holiday decorating extravaganza. Stuff evergreen trimmings into glasses and vases for a simple and fragrant accent that’s absolutely free.

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Christmas Lantern, Angel, Christmas Gnome, Christmas Cactus And Red Mug On The Window Of A Wooden House Overlooking The Winter Garden
Olga Ionina/Getty Images

Christmas Cactus

Poinsettias not your style? Pick up a Christmas cactus at your local garden center. These easy-care houseplants thrive indoors with indirect light. When the days get short, these plants bloom with vibrant pink or red flowers.

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Quilted Ornaments Shaped Like Christmas Trees and Houses Rest against a White Fur Background with a Felt Garland Entering and Exiting the lower part of the Frame
Courtesy Amy Sinibaldi/Country Woman

Quilted Ornaments

If you’re the family’s resident quilter or crafter, make use of your scrap pile to create simple quilted ornaments. Basic triangle trees are a great place to start, but you can try all kinds of shapes like mittens, candy canes and stockings.

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Little Cute Girl And Young Beautiful Woman Cut Snowflakes From White Paper with felt snowmen and hot cocoa in the background of the craft scene
Kostikova/Getty Images

Paper Snowflakes

A flurry of paper snowflakes adds immeasurable magic to your home during the holidays. Invite friends over or have the kids help you cut out a whole snowstorm’s worth of flakes. Hang them from the ceiling or dangle them in the window with twinkle lights.

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Decorated Living Room with Candles, Christmas Tree, Brick Fireplace and Assorted Decorations Along the Fireplace Mantle
Aiselin82/Getty Images

Candle-lit Hearth

Warm, soft lighting goes a long way in creating a holiday vibe. If you have a brick fireplace at home (and aren’t building fires regularly), fill the hearth with candles—wax or battery-operated. The glow will add a bit of holiday magic. Just be sure to blow them out before Santa comes!

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Interior White Kitchen With Christmas Decor And Decorated Fir Tree
Anastasiia Krivenok/Getty Images

Neutral Color Palette

If subtle is more your style, decorate with neutral colors for the holidays. Whites, creams and even a few metallics can give your home a sophisticated but cozy look.

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Citrus Candles Displayed on a Forest Green tablesetting with various leaves and pine cones scattered around the display
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Citrus Candles

Oranges are abundant during the holiday season. Scoop out the inside and use the rind as a vessel for homemade candles. As these candles burn, the oils from the fruit will fill your home with an incredible fresh scent.

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Domestic Mail Box Decorated With Spruce Tree Christmas Wreath Outdoors In Snowy Winter Day
Helin Loik-Tomson/Getty Images

Merry Mailbox

Between letters to Santa and cards to loved ones, your mailbox sees a lot of action during the holidays! Give this outpost a little love with a simple wreath or bow.