14 Nativity Sets to Celebrate the Season

Nativity sets are a key part of Christmas celebrations. Discover new creche scenes to help inspire your season.

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Classic Nativity Set

Classic nativity sets never go out of style. An ornate nativity feels just at home on your hearth today as it would 50 years ago. Besides all the elegant figures and rustic stable in this set, we love how it’s illuminated by LED lights so you get that warm glow all through the holiday season.

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Gold and White Nativity Set

Warm and wintry, this large gold and white nativity set is just right for Christmastime. At about 10 inches tall, these figures are certain to grab attention no matter where you display them in your home.

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Olive Wood Nativity

Made in Israel, this olive wood nativity set is a family heirloom in the making. Display this finely carved set for all to see—and be prepared for all of the compliments you’ll receive on this unique yet homey creche.

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Nativity Ornament

We all love fun and funky Christmas baubles, like these foodie Christmas ornaments. But you can adorn your tree with so much more than lights and glass balls. This handmade ornament shows off the creche scene with some holiday flair.

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Bejeweled Nativity Set

If you like your holidays to be extra sparkly, find a nativity set to match. This bejeweled nativity is decorated in rich colors and figures also have touches of gold and sparkling jewels.

If you like everything about your holiday to be over the top, try these cookie decorating ideas.

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Fisher-Price Nativity

Get your littlest lambs into the spirit with the Fisher-Price Little People Nativity. Inside the box, you’ll find soft plastic figures including plenty of animals.

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Nativity Sign

Handmade in Texas, this nativity sign displays all the important figures of the first Christmas. This is the simplest ever nativity to set up—just display it on a shelf or hang it on the wall and you’re ready to settle in for the holidays.

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Modern Stained Glass Nativity

Not all nativity sets need to be straightforward figurines. This stained glass nativity is a modern take on the classic creche but still holds all the special symbolism.

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Rustic Nativity Set

If your Christmas style is a bit more woodsy—we mean flannel everywhere, woodland-themed ornaments and plenty of fresh pine—you’ll want a nativity to match. (In fact, you better put out these lumberjack cookies for Santa, too!) This rustic nativity feels at home among these other homey touches and the winter atmosphere.

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Lenox Nativity Set

Most nativity sets don’t include as many stunning pieces as this one. This Lenox nativity is made of ivory-colored china accented with 24-karat gold for extra shine. We love how you can start with just the Holy Family and expand your collection as the years go on. Additional pieces also make great additions to your annual wish list!

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Pop-Up Paper Nativity

You can send a bit of the Christmas spirit to loved ones thanks to this pop-up nativity from Lovepop. Believe it or not, this scene folds flat so you can easily drop it in the mail—or pack it in with your shipment of holiday cookies.

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Belleek Nativity

Made in Ireland, this delicate Belleek nativity is a stunning addition to your collection of Christmas decor. At just about seven inches tall, this figure can be used as a centerpiece at your holiday table or displayed prominently on your mantle or other places of honor.

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Willow Tree Nativity

This Willow Tree nativity scene walks the line between rough-hewn and modern. Nestle this small collection on a shelf, dining room table or mantle among some fairy lights and wintry greens for a scene that fits the Christmas season.

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Enamel Nativity Pin

Take a bit of the season with you wherever you go. This enamel pin showing off the Holy Family is great for adorning your winter coat, holiday sweater or fastening a scarf.

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