24 *Sew* Perfect Gifts for Quilters and Sewists

Updated: Apr. 23, 2024

Shopping for your creative friend with a passion for sewing? These are the best gifts for quilters and sewists. They're sure to be a hit—and we bet they haven't seen a few of these picks before!

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Give the crafter in your life a gift they’ll never forget! Selected by a lifelong crafter, these gifts for quilters and sewists will make a lasting impression. From practical tools to custom labels, these presents celebrate their favorite hobby. All you have to do is click “add to cart!”

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Toh Ecomm Fabric Bundle Membership Via Etsy.com via merchant

Fabric of the Month Club

Even if your favorite quilter has almost every gadget and gizmo, there’s always something they could use more of: fabric! A monthly fabric subscription is one of the best gifts for quilters. This club sends six half yards of beautiful, color-coordinated fabrics every one, three or six months. Want more ideas for other crafters in your life? Check out these gifts for crafty people.

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Toh Ecomm Urban Quilting Book Via Amazon.com via merchant

Urban Quilting

These aren’t your grandma’s quilts! Urban Quilting provides 10 quilt designs (each with three size options) for decorating a modern home. This tome includes plenty of information to help you get started, including detailed instructions, diagrams and ways to modernize your projects. Psst! Have you seen our gifts for book lovers?

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Sewing Wallet via merchant

Seamstress Wallet

Going on a fabric run? Your favorite sewist will appreciate this themed sewing wallet. The cool green hue and embellished details let everyone know her craft of choice. Talk about a genius Secret Santa gift idea!

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Toh Spool Pin Cushion Via Etsy.com via merchant

Spool Sewing Station

The best sewing accessories are the cutest sewing accessories. And this spool-shaped sewing station takes the cake. Available in three colors, the stoneware caddy has room for bobbins, scissors and other odds ‘n ends. Plus, a pincushion on top keeps sharp objects in their place. This is a great gift for sewists who tackle small mending projects without lugging out a massive sewing case. Pick one up for your sister or grandmother.

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customer labels via merchant

Custom Labels

One of the best gifts for quilters out there is something they’d love, but would never purchase on their own. Enter custom labels. These fabric labels and tags are customizable and can be stitched onto any projects big or small. Seamstresses will love to stitch a label into the seams of their designs and a quilt can be called complete with one of these sewn onto a corner.

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Toh Ecomm Sewing Lamp Via Amazon.com via merchant

Desk Lamp

Every sewist and quilter knows that the light on the sewing machine is just not bright enough for threading needles and seeing detailed work. Illuminate your space with a desk lamp. This flexible LED lamp is perfect for shedding light on your latest project.

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Toh Ecomm Sweatshirt Via Etsy.com via merchant

Sewing Sweatshirt

When the weekend rolls around, let everyone know what you’re up to: drinking lots of coffee and spending time at the sewing machine. This cozy crewneck is the perfect sewing uniform. (And one of our favorite Etsy gifts.)

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Toh Ecomm Iron Via Amazon.com via merchant

Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

A good iron is a seamstress’s best friend. And if that iron has a retractable cord to keep the sewing cupboard organized, like this steam iron, well, that’s a best friend for life. We love its durable stainless steel construction and over 350 steam holes smooth even the wrinkliest fabric.

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Toh Ecomm Sewing Room Sign Via Etsy.com via merchant

Sewing Room Sign

Let your favorite sewist claim their space! This custom, powder-coated steel sewing room sign is available in five sizes and is personalized with your name of choice.

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Toh Ecomm Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses Via Amazon.com via merchant

Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses Book

Beginner and experienced sewists alike will love Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses by Gretchen Hirsch. This book is full of vintage-inspired dresses (patterns included!) that are simple enough to make in a single day and gorgeous enough that you’ll want to wear them all the time.

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Toh Ecomm Hedgehog Pin Cushion Via Etsy.com via merchant

Hedgehog Pincushion

On top of our list of gifts for quilters and sewists is this hedgehog pincushion. He makes an excellent companion for late-night sewing projects, and his felt exterior is a practical way to store your sharpest tools. Shopping for mom? Check out these Christmas gifts mom will love.

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Sewing Mug via merchant

Sewing Mug

We know that quilters and sewists are fueled by patience and lots and lots of caffeine. Show off your love for the craft with this sewing mug. A gift like this is also the perfect way to fill out a gift basket of crafty goodies.

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Toh Ecomm Rotary Cutter Via Amazon.com via merchant

Rotary Cutter

You can’t have a cutting mat without a good rotary cutter! The sharp blade (don’t worry—there’s a safety setting when it’s not in use) zips right through fabric with ease.

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Toh Ecomm Gel Pens Via Amazon.com via merchant

Erasable Pens

When it comes to marking patterns, there are lots of options out there, but we bet you haven’t considered erasable pens before. These utensils are classic ballpoint-style pens but with an awesome feature: They erase with heat! Just iron over your marks or wave your steamer over any lines and the ink is gone. The best part: You can find them right in the office supplies aisle at any big box store—no rushing to the fabric shop for these!

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Toh Ecomm Sewing Socks Via Amazon.com via merchant

Sewing Socks

Make a day spent crafting even cozier with these women’s novelty sewing socks. They feature a variety of cute decals, including scissors, spools and a seam ripper, among others. While you’re shopping, pick up these sweet Amazon Handmade gifts, as well.

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Toh Ecomm Dress Form Via Amazon.com via merchant

Adjustable Dress Form

It’s every seamstress’s dream to have a dress form situated in the corner of their sewing room. Dress forms make it easy to work on apparel without the back and forth of trying the clothing on yourself every few steps. This dress form is a great option because it’s adjustable. You can easily fit clothes to yourself and others, even if you aren’t the same size.

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Seam Ripper Sticker via merchant

Seam Ripper Sticker

The tool all sewists hate using is definitely the seam ripper. While it does mean that things go wrong, at least you can poke fun of yourself with this sewing sticker. Adhere it to your computer, water bottle or even your machine.

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Toh Ecomm Sewing Pins Via Amazon.com via merchant

Flat-Head Pins

Yes, every sewist and quilter has pins aplenty, but occasionally they need to be replaced. Treat your favorite quilter to a brand new set of pins. We love these flower pins because they’re flat and don’t melt under the iron.

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Spool Enamel Pin via merchant

Thread Spool Enamel Pin

Just because you can’t spend every moment in your sewing space, doesn’t mean you have to stop showing off your love of the craft. This cute enamel pin is the perfect adornment for your jacket or tote bag.

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Toh Ecomm Pattern Weights Via Amazon.com via merchant

Pattern Weights

Let’s be real: Pinning patterns is a pain! With a good set or two of pattern weights, though, pinning that tissue can be a thing of the past. These pattern weights will hold patterns and templates in place while you cut without all the fuss of pins. We recommend grabbing a few sets for big projects.

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Toh Ecomm Sew Mini Animals Via Amazon.com via merchant

Mini Animals Sewing Kit

Shopping for a young sewist? This mini animals kit is a great introduction to the craft. Little hands have everything they need—filling, felt, embroidery floss, patterns and needles—to create an array of cute animal friends. For more ideas, check out these craft kits for kids.

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Toh Ecomm Fiskars Scissors Via Amazon.com via merchant

Thread Snips

Don’t use your large sewing scissors for cutting tiny threads. Instead, snag a pair of snips made just for thread. These tiny scissors are just the thing to keep near your machine.

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Toh Ecomm Singer Sewing Machine Via Amazon.com via merchant

Heavy-Duty Serger

The best way to give your makes a professional finish on the inside is with a serger. This heavy-duty serger will last for ages (it’s made the old-fashioned way with metal—not plastic) and gives seams a fray-free finish.

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Toh Ecomm Sewing Kit Bag Via Amazon.com via merchant

Rolling Sewing Machine Case

Enjoy a quilting weekend away with your friends? Or just like to take your sewing machine on the go? You need a rolling sewing machine case. This piece of luggage keeps your machine safe and has plenty of extra compartments for thread, scissors and other notions.