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10 Holiday Decorating Tips Straight from the Experts

We chatted with interior designers and influencers to discover the latest trends that will make your home feel fresh. Take a look at these festive ideas and decorations to get inspiration for the happy holidays to come.

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Sprinkle Some Fresh Greenery

Designer, artist and author of The New York Times best-selling book The New Bohemians, Justina Blakeney recommends displaying fresh greenery, like eucalyptus or potted plants from the garden, throughout the house as part of your holiday decorations. “If you are looking for more festive plants, you can bring in a poinsettia or Christmas cactus. And if you’re busy prepping a holiday meal and have a sink full of dishes, having a pull down feature on your kitchen faucet is a great way to water the plants and fill your vases in a pinch. Just place them on the counter and give them a little drink!” P.S. Christmas is officially on its way! Get our holiday handbook full of great holiday tips and ideas. 

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Add Cozy Features to the Guest Bedroom

“If you’re expecting overnight guests over the holidays, you can freshen up your guest bedroom and bathroom,” says Blakeney. “Start with the bedding and pillows in your guest bedroom. Layering in pillows with warm colors, soft textures and bedding that is super cozy will make your guests feel right at home!” We also love this flannel fleece throw blanket you can drape over the edge of the bed. Hosting for the holidays? Here’s how to decorate for Christmas.

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Update Bathroom Fixtures

“If you have a little more time, you could even give your guest bathroom a refresh by updating the shower head,” says Blakeney. “I’m a huge fan of the Delta In2ition Shower because I know my guests will appreciate a full drenching waterfall shower experience after a long day of travel.” Are you making any of these common bathroom cleaning mistakes?

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Ignite the Light

“Lighting is key to getting your home ready for the holidays,” says Blakeney. “Try lighting some candles in the evening to get that warm, golden light. Another festive lighting tip: twinkle lights! There are lots of great, energy efficient options like LED string lights that you can put in window sills, around wreaths or even as a garland on the wall or hanging from thresholds or doorways.” You can make Christmas light cookies, too!

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Switch Out the Art

“Switch out the art or framed photographs on your walls,” says Blakeney. “Put up old family photos from holidays past, or artwork that reminds you of some of your favorite holiday memories—whether that’s cooking, traveling or making memories with loved ones!” You could even hang up statement art in celebration of the season, like a rustic sign that celebrates autumn, winter or the holidays.

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Refresh and Restock

Amber Lewis, an interior designer and owner of home and lifestyle store Shoppe Amber Interiors, is all about refreshing the entire house as part of her holiday decorations. “That involves everything including refreshing bed linens, bath towels, hand towels and restocking candles in every room.” We love the NEST Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Classic Candle. Made with a blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon, it exudes a cozy autumn atmosphere. You can also make a homemade air freshener. Here’s how.

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Combat Germs

“The holidays also mean lots of traveling, which equals lots of germs!” says Lewis. “We recently installed a new Delta Faucet with VoiceIQ Technology in the office and it’s been a game changer. There’s a lot of us, so germs travel fast. We can talk to the sink to turn it on and off, so we avoid passing around germs. Delta Faucet’s with VoiceIQ Technology is such a genius and easy refresher for any space during the holidays— and did I mention they have styles for every space?” If you’re hosting this year, make sure to follow these holiday cleaning tips to get your home prepared well in advance.

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Display Sentimental Photos

Jeremiah Brent, an accomplished interior designer who you may recognize from Nate & Jeremiah by Design, an American reality television series on TLC, suggests displaying sentimental photos. “Your home is an extension of who you are, and when you’re hosting guests around the holidays, it should reflect that. Nothing is simpler and more sentimental than beautifully framed photos from moments of your life. During the holiday season, opt for a gold or silver frame. Mixed metals help your space feel festive without the use of seasonal colors like red, green or blue.” You could also choose photos specific to the season, pulling out memories from Christmases past as part of your holiday decor. Try decorating with old Christmas cards, too!

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Shift Around Your Furniture

Brent also urges people to reimagine the spaces you’re working with. “I always tell people to edit, edit, edit. The holiday season is no different! In preparation for house guests, shift around your furniture so it feels fresh and functional to maximize your spaces.” For instance, to accommodate your tree and display other holiday decorations, you may need to remove a big chair or side table and adjust your couch, as well as remove pieces from the mantel.

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Give your Kitchen a Facelift

“No matter how much room we have, our family can always be found gathered around the kitchen,” says Brent. “This is our first holiday season in our New York home and we’ve been focused on settling in and preparing to host holiday meals. Now is the best time to update your appliances and fixtures—a new kitchen faucet or oven can go a long way this season.” Kick off holiday baking with this beautiful red mixer. It helps you to effortlessly make your favorite cakes and multiple batches of cookie dough.

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