9 Attractive Houseplants You Literally Can’t Kill

Updated: Feb. 23, 2024

These beautiful faux houseplants will look just as lovely as (or maybe better than!) the real deal.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Top-shelf materials used to create a lifelike trunk and realistic-looking soil up the believability of this fiddle leaf fig tree. Use it to tie together a colorful, pattern-filled room or fill gaps in your space, such as an empty corner. Some plants can hurt pets when ingested, so know how to pet-proof your home for your furry friend.

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5-Inch Mini Assorted Artificial Cactus Plants

These convincingly lifelike cactus houseplants are adorably small. Each comes in a glossy white pot, and they are perfect for adding a touch of lifelike flair to bookshelves, coffee tables and windowsills. Cacti are super trendy right now. Here are a few tips to help you grow and care for an Easter cactus.

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Natural-Looking Ficus Tree
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Natural-Looking Ficus Tree

This 6-foot tall ficus tree features 1008 individual leaves on several sturdy branches, making it appear incredibly real. But, unlike the real tree, this artificial houseplant is far from finicky! Want something fresh in your home? Try these easy-care houseplants that improve air quality.

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Faux Potted Trailing Succulent

Trailing succulents make for a dreamy indoor look, and are definitely on trend at the moment. Liven up your space with this pretend plant, that is potted in a ceramic container, so no one will ever know it’s faux! The plant is hand cut, silk-screened and painted. Need to spruce up your flower garden? Plant these beautiful veggies next to your peonies.

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Olive Topiary

If you love the look of classic Mediterranean style, bring it into your home with a traditional olive tree. This artificial houseplant features a realistic slender trunk that gives way to branches embellished with lush green leaves. It’s also planted in a terra-cotta pot with faux soil. These secrets than help your garden grow.

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Sansevieria Snake Plant

With the real plant already boasting that stiff look, the artificial version won’t look much different. This specific artificial plant features 21 leaves to ensure a realistic appearance. Grow these handy herbs in your kitchen garden.

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Faux Potted Bamboo

Amazon reviewers have noted that this IKEA houseplant is very realistic. “Love this plant and the pot it comes in! People always ask if it’s real. Great alternative to a real plant for a windowless room,” one reviewer says.

“This is exactly what I needed for my kitchen table. It’s great quality and even better… I don’t have to water it! The tin bucket is a nice touch,” notes another Amazon reviewer.

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Imitation Potted Orchid Stem

Orchids are one of the easiest plants to replicate, since they feature such vibrant hues! A man-made colorful orchid will look just like the real deal. These faux potted orchids are carefully handcrafted to look like they are at the peak of their bloom. Take a look at the easiest-to-grow vegetables.

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via potterybarn.com

Pretend Potted Paperwhites

These artificial potted paperwhites add lush greenery to your space. They’re hand assembled of polyester and plastic with a wire center, and are arranged in a beautiful galvanized tin.

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