18 Air-Purifying Plants for Every Room in Your Home

Not only do plants brighten your home, but some can even double as natural air-purifiers! These are some of our favorites.

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Houseplants are a natural way to add color and character to your home. All you have to do is plant them in a cute indoor pot, find a spot where the plant will thrive, and let the greenery take it from there. (Oh, and be sure to water it now and then, too.) But did you know some houseplants also have health benefits?

Research conducted by NASA in 1989 found that certain plants, including the ones in this list, remove airborne pollutants that can cause a variety of health problems, like headaches, dizziness and eye irritation. More recently, research has found that just one plant won’t have an effect. To maximize their air-purifying benefits, you’ll need to place one of these plants in every 100 square feet of your home.

Ready to start your air-purifying plant journey? Take a look at our list, then check out the best places to find houseplants on sale.

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Peace Lily Plant
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Peace Lily

If you’ve never owned a houseplant, a peace lily is a terrific place to start. These air-purifying plants have long-lasting white flowers, but the best part is that they’re incredibly resilient and will bounce back quickly, even if you forget to water them. You can generally find peace lilies at your local nursery, but you can also buy plants online.

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Spider Plant
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Spider Plant

Spider plants are another beginner-friendly choice that will liven up your living space and purify your air. These easy-to-grow plants have long, thin leaves; some varieties even have fun white stripes. If your spider plant is happy, it may grow “pups,” new baby plants that you can pot up and give to all your friends.

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ZZ Plant
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ZZ Plant

We all forget to water our plants from time to time. Good news: The hardy ZZ plant (aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia) isn’t phased by a little neglect. This air-purifying plant has large potato-like rhizomes for roots, so it stores up lots of water—in fact, you really only need to water it once a month or so.

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Philodendron Plant
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Horti may be known for its plant subscription boxes, but you can buy individual plants from the brand, as well, including this lovely silver-leaf philodendron. It has heart-shaped leaves with shimmery silver markings that glitter in the sun. A philodendron also makes a perfect hanging plant, as it will grow long strands of leaves over time.

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Anthurium Plant


Air-purifying? Check. Bright, vibrant blooms? Check! You can add a pop of color to your home with a lovely anthurium, which has waxy flowers that come in red, white or pink. The tropical plant will thrive in bright, indirect light with weekly watering.

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Bird's Nest Fern
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Bird’s Nest Fern

Ferns are especially good at removing impurities from the air in your home, and a bird’s nest fern is a quirky variety that will do great indoors. This plant has ruffled leaves, and the fronds can grow up to 2 feet long when the plant is happy!

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Parlor Palm Plant
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Parlor Palm

Speaking of fronds, the parlor palm is another lovely leafy plant that will help purify your home and make it feel like a tropical oasis. It can tolerate a fairly wide range of conditions, from low- to medium-indirect lighting. Just keep it out of bright, direct sunlight; otherwise its leaves may get a bit crispy.

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Pothos Plant
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If you’re looking for a hanging plant—always a good idea if you have curious pets—a golden pothos will grow long strands of heart-shaped leaves. It has no problem with low-light areas, and as a bonus, you can easily snip off its extra growth and use the cuttings to propagate new plants.

Avoid these poisonous plants if you have kids or pets.

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Snake Plant
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Snake Plant

A snake plant is the perfect option for anyone who travels on a regular basis. This extra-hardy plant can go weeks without watering, and it doesn’t mind low light conditions, either. Plus, it’s a hard worker, removing impurities from the air to keep your home feeling fresh.

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Aloe Vera Plant
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Aloe Vera

We’re firm believers that every home needs an aloe vera plant—or two! Not only do they purify the air, but the juices inside the plant can be used to soothe burns. Just snip off one of the leaves and rub the cut portion on a fresh burn to instantly stop the stinging.

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English Ivy Plant
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English Ivy

You might picture English ivy climbing up the walls of a stately brick home, but this vining plant will grow indoors too. It will happily take over a trellis, or you can simply put it in a hanging planter to let its vines cascade toward the ground. Not only does English ivy help remove typical toxins from the air, it also aids in removing airborne mold.

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Rubber Tree Plant
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Rubber Tree

This moody plant will make a statement in any room. The rubber tree has large, glossy leaves with deep red veins, and because it’s part of the ficus family, it’s ideal for air purification. These plants like bright, indirect light and high humidity, and if treated properly, they can grow to be several feet tall.

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Birds of Paradise Plant
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Bird of Paradise

For more experienced plant parents, a bird of paradise is a must-have addition to a houseplant collection. This tropical plant has beautiful oversized leaves to help clean the air indoors, and with bright light and consistent watering, it can grow spiky, colorful blooms.

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Dracaena Plant
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If your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light, not to worry. A dracaena will still feel right at home. This beginner-friendly plant is perfectly content in low light and can withstand a few missed waterings as well. Don’t forget to choose pretty plant pots that match your home decor!

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There are so many cool succulents out there, and this six-pack of succulents is a budget-friendly way to add some greenery and air purification to any room. You can pot up the little plants individually or in one big container, and they’ll thrive with bright light and occasional watering.

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Money Tree Plant
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Money Tree

Unfortunately, we still haven’t cracked the code on how to get money to grow on trees—the closest thing you’ll find is a cute little money tree. These eye-catching plants often come with braided stems. They’re supposed to bring good luck and positive energy into your home, making them a popular housewarming gift.

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Ponytail Palm Plant
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Ponytail Palm

This low-maintenance desert plant looks like it’s straight from a Dr. Seuss book. The ponytail palm has a thick, bulb-like trunk and dozens of thin, spiraling leaves. It stores up lots of moisture, making it drought tolerant. A word of warning, though: Keep this plant out of reach of cats, as they love to chew on the leaves.

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Boston Fern Plant
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Boston Fern

Last, but not least, the Boston fern is a classic choice for both indoor and outdoor decoration. It does a great job removing impurities from the air, and enjoys bright light and high humidity levels. They look extra chic in a hanging planter.

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