Baby Shower Recipes

Make the mom-to-be feel like a VIP with these baby shower recipes, from cute appetizers and mini foods to punches and desserts. Our easy party-planning ideas will let you pull it off like a pro.

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    Rose and Raspberry Fool

    I came up with this recipe when I was going through a floral phase, putting rose or lavender in everything. This dessert is easy to make, but it's also elegant to serve when company comes. —Carolyn Eskew, Dayton, Ohio

    19 Gotta-Have Crostini Appetizers That Start with Your Favorite Bread

    Grab a loaf of your favorite artisan bread and start whipping up a few crostini appetizers. These bites are delicious,...

    Margarita Cake

    3 reviews

    This margarita cake is perfect for a picnic on a warm day. You'll be surprised at how closely it tastes...

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    Stamped Cutout Cookies

    Rich, buttery sugar cookie cutouts like these never last long at a party. They're one of my favorite homemade Christmas...

    Strawberry Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting

    2 reviews

    Fresh strawberries are full of water, so they have a tendency to weigh down cake batters and make soggy cakes....

    Pressure-Cooker Light Deviled Eggs

    Our updated version of a classic appetizer uses only half the egg yolks of traditional deviled eggs and calls for...

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    40 Stunning Fruit Salads You Need to Make NOW

    For Sunday brunch or a backyard potluck, you can’t go wrong with a pretty fruit salad. Check out our best...

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    Top 10 Fruit Salad Recipes

    These top-rated fruit salads are bright, beautiful and bursting with fruity flavor. Whip them up and watch them wow at...

    Orange Blossom Mint Refresher

    5 reviews

    I came up with this recipe because I'm not a fan of regular iced tea. This tea has the perfect...

    Our Best-Ever Party Appetizers

    These yummy bite-sized party appetizers are the perfect starter for any type of party—and the perfect excuse to throw one!

    48 Easy Side Salads That Go With Any Meal

    These simple side salad recipes are the perfect co-star for any main dish. Add a splash of color to dinner...

    Roasted Vegetable and Chevre Quiche

    Roasting the veggies in this rich yet bright quiche intensifies their flavors. And the addition of fresh goat cheese lends...

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    Creamy Pineapple Pie

    9 reviews

    Creamy Pineapple Pie is a light and refreshing dessert that's quick to make and impressive to serve. This is one...

    Sparkling Peach Bellinis

    3 reviews

    Folks will savor the subtle peach flavor in this elegant brunch beverage. — Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Dill Dip

    5 reviews

    Be prepared—you'll likely need to make a double batch of this delightful dill dip recipe. One is never enough when...

    Midsummer Sponge Cake

    1 review

    Guests at the bridal tea liked everything about this beautiful seasonal dessert - the tender cake layers, fluffy cream filling...

    Sparkling White Grape Punch

    White cranberry juice adds tartness to this punch for showers and teas. For a light blush tone, use regular cranberry...

    Orange Buttercream Frosting

    10 reviews

    Our Test Kitchen gave simple buttercream frosting a tangy twist by adding a splash of orange juice. It goes wonderfully...

    Rosy Fruit Punch

    1 review

    This recipe goes a long way to satisfy the thirst of your guests. All the flavors of the holiday season...

    Citrus Grape Drink

    1 review

    My mom made this often while I was growing up and I loved it. When I got married, I requested...

    Citrus Grove Punch

    This pretty, sparkling punch brings in other members of the "citrus family" to blend with orange juice. From guest-of-honor Grandma...

    Pineapple Iced Tea

    4 reviews

    We have a large family, so we go through beverages quickly at our house. This thirst-quenching tea is simple to...

    Fruity Cranberry Punch

    The women's group from our church has held its Christmas potluck at my home for more than 20 years. I...

    Raindrop Raspberry Tea

    Serve tall cool glasses of this quick-to-fix combo that gets its jazzed-up taste from a raspberry juice blend.

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    Sparkling Punch

    1 review

    As a table brightener, fix a bowl of festive fruity punch—it's a refreshing beverage you can mix together in moments....

    Lemon Bark

    I wasn't a fan of white chocolate until I made this candy. It's tangy, sweet and creamy all at the...

    Lemon Curd Cookies

    1 review

    I've made these cookies for years. I like to give them out to family and friends. —Carole Vogel, Allison Park,...

    Veggie-Packed Strata

    4 reviews

    This is a wonderful, colorful casserole that everyone enjoys. I'm sure you'll be hooked on it after one bite, too....

    Ginger-Grapefruit Fizz

    1 review

    Sometimes it's hard to find a special, non-alcoholic beverage for parties that isn't a punch. That's why I love this...

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    Sunny Citrus Cooler

    2 reviews

    The sunny color of this refreshing punch matched the bright yellow sunflower decorations for my theme dinner. It's easy to...