9 Tasty Latke Topping Ideas

When it comes to topping potato latkes, are you looking for something more than sour cream and applesauce? We borrowed ingredients from some of our favorite regional flavors and added them to hot and crispy latkes. The results were game changing.

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Smoked salmon isn’t just for bagels. Place the latkes on a bed of fresh watercress and top with a slice or two of smoked salmon and a sprinkle of chunky sea salt.
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People having been spreading avocado onto bread, toast and tortillas for years, but Californians have turned Avocado Toast into an artform. Give your latke a little California vibe with sliced or mash avocado, extra virgin olive oil and chunky sea salt.
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A generous pile of beef brisket, sliced pickles and a sprinkling of sharp cheddar cheese and this latke moves from a side dish to the main course.
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Marseille is well known for tapenade, a robust, finely chopped olive spread. Whether you use green or black olives, the salty, powerful flavor is an elegant way to top a hot latke.
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Cincinnati chili has a touch of cinnamon and cocoa. It’s served loaded on a pile of spaghetti and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. Swap the spaghetti for latkes, and you’ll have a complete meal on your plate.
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Steak with Chipotle-Lime Chimichurri

Steak gets a flavor kick from chimichurri. This piquant, all-purpose herb sauce is so versatile, it complements most any grilled meat, poultry or fish. —Laureen Pittman, Riverside, California
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Two Florida cities have been arguing for decades about which is the home to the Cubano Sandwich. No matter where it was invented, the sandwiches’ marinated pork slices, smoked ham, thin pickle slices and melted Swiss cheese make a great latke topping.
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Whether you’re raising a stein of beer at Oktoberfest or just touring Bavaria in the summer, you’re sure to find street vendors selling currywurst. Slices of grilled bratwurst are slathered with a rich curry-scented tomato sauce and served with fried potatoes. Just swap the fries for latkes.
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Latkes can also be perfect for breakfast or brunch. The classic Eggs Benedict was first created in a New York City hotel, but which one is unclear. No matter who created it, we think substituting a latke for the English muffin is a perfect addition to your next brunch.

James Schend
Formerly Taste of Home’s Deputy Editor, Culinary, James oversaw the Food Editor team, recipe contests and Bakeable, and managed all food content for Trusted Media Brands. He has also worked in the kitchen of Williams-Sonoma and at Southern Living. An honor graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, James has traveled the world searching for great food in all corners of life.