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10 Recipes Inspired By Your Favorite Cowboys

After a hard day’s work on the ranch (or movie set), these cowboys are in need of a hearty meal.

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Inspired By: John Wayne

John Wayne liked beefy, spicy casseroles so much, there’s a recipe named after him! The John Wayne Casserole is a hearty, ground beef casserole made with jalapenos and other Southwestern ingredients. Try our similar recipe and see if you have similar tastes to The Duke.
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Inspired By: The Lone Ranger

Hi-ho, Silver! After a busy day fighting outlaws in the Wild West, the masked hero and his sidekick, Tonto, deserve a big bowl of cowboy chili.
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Inspired By: Ladd Drummond

The Pioneer Woman has won us over with her hearty enchiladas, potato bakes and caramel brownies. She won over her husband with food, too. The first thing she ever made for Ladd when they were dating was linguine with clam sauce. And we bet she still makes it for him today.
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Inspired By: The Cartwrights

The Cartwrights, from the TV show Bonanza, need a hearty meal fit for a cowboy after spending all day tending the ranch.
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Inspired by: John Wayne

Practically every cowboy (or cowboy actor) has a soft spot for corn bread. John Wayne preferred to make his in a cast-iron skillet (and we don’t blame him!).
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Inspired By: Gene Autry

Known as “America’s Favorite Singing Cowboy,” Gene Autry delighted film, radio and TV audiences with his sweet voice. This Christmas, while listening to him singing classics like, “Here Comes Santa Claus,” and “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” munch on a Wyoming Cowboy Cookie in his honor.
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Inspired By: Roy Rogers

Another singing cowboy, Roy Rogers was known as the “King of the Cowboys.” We could see his dog, Bullet, begging for a bite of this chuck wagon tortilla stack.
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Inspired By: Ladd Drummond

Who can resist a plateful of hot, saucy wings? Not the Marlboro Man (aka The Pioneer Woman’s husband). Ree especially makes sure these are on the menu for Game Day.
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Inspired By: Marshal Matt Dillon

Dodge City, Kansas would be a very different place if U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon wasn’t there to protect it. After a tough day on the job dealing with outlaws, gunfights and brawls, we bet he’d love to come home to a bowl of cornbread-topped chili.
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Inspired By: John Wayne

Ain’t it funny that one of John Wayne’s most famous movies sounds similar to one of his favorite sides? These True (Cheesy) Grits are a bowl of comfort.

Emily Racette Parulski
Emily Racette Parulski is a Senior Editor for Taste of Home, specializing in email newsletters. When she’s not writing about food, she’s baking something sweet to feed her chocolate obsession.
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