10 Recipes Fit for an Elton John Dinner Party

Updated: Jan. 05, 2022

Make these Elton-approved dishes for your Rocketman watch party!

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Sir Elton John performs in concert at Madison Square Garden on October 18, 2018 in New York City.

Rocketman is an exciting musical ode to Sir Elton John. In honor of the musical film, we’ve rounded up ten of Elton’s favorite recipes, from an authentic Italian risotto to a classic American apple tart.

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Parmesan Risotto

It wouldn’t be an Elton John recipe collection without risotto, the singer’s all-time favorite food. Elton John loves risotto so much, actually, that he sent his personal chef to Italy to learn from the best. While we can’t go to quite those lengths, this authentic Italian risotto brings the classic home.

Let our chef teach you how to make risotto!

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Elton John is famous for—aside from his incredible music and un-matchable performances—hosting extravagant dinner parties. At his 2011 Oscars party, the menu was stacked with fancy dishes, starting with a creamy goat cheese soup like this.
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Tenderloin Steak Diane

The third course of Elton John’s Oscar party was his personal chef’s marinated and seared beef tenderloin. We paired ours with butter and mushrooms, similar to the savory pairing of Elton’s amaranth and charcoal oil.
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Apple Tart

According to his chef, Elton John appreciates good food—savory and sweet! The dessert course of his dinner parties sometimes features an apple tart like this, paired with orange creme fraiche and caramel syrup.
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Grilled Pears With Mascarpone

Elton John serves his favorite appetizer every year at his Oscars party. The dish? Grilled mascarpone Asian pear sandwich on raisin cinnamon bread—and this recipe provides a simple alternative for home cooks.
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Flank Steak

Elton John has such good taste that Ed Sheeran once asked him for dinner recommendations in Venice. He chose a family-run restaurant that boasted a simple yet delicious cut of steak.
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Honeydew & Prosciutto Salad

Elton John’s 2015 AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party featured a recipe for honeydew bites with prosciutto rosettes. Turn his appetizer into a side dish with this honeydew prosciutto salad.
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Roasted Grape Crostini

Another to-die-for dish on Elton’s exclusive dinner party menu? Grape crostini with ricotta cheese—just like this one!
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Fish With Mango Salsa

Elton John likes to serve his guests fish, often with a creative sauce or fruity side. This salmon with mango salsa is our home-grown twist on his Hamachi (a Pacific yellowtail fish, if you’re curious) with mango relish and chive oil.
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Orange Chocolate Mousse

Elton John’s chef created a smoked chocolate mousse for his 2017 Oscars party, complete with a blood orange marmalade and silver leaf finish. To provide a simpler version of such an extravagant, shiny dessert, we suggest this orange chocolate mousse mirror cake.