6 Surprising Facts About S’mores

Share these fascinating facts about s'mores while you're sitting around the campfire.

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Ginger Pound Cake S’mores
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Give the Girl Scouts Credit

The first official recipe for s’mores, titled “Some Mores,” was printed in the 1927 guidebook, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. The scouts sure do know their sweet treats! This is the most beloved Girl Scout Cookie in America.

Here’s how to make these Ginger Pound Cake S’mores.

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Marshmallows Were Gourmet Desserts

French cooks made marshmallow treats by adding frothy egg whites and sugar to the mallow root sap. The process was later simplified when gelatin replaced the plant matter. Learn how to make your own homemade marshmallows.

Here’s how to make these Cookout Caramel S’mores.

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Sugar Cookie S’mores
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An Original Marshmallow Ingredient Was Medicinal

The sap from the mallow root was used in ancient Europe and West Asia for soothing sore throats. Kids would definitely like eating marshmallows instead of taking medicine! Check out these other home remedies that are already in your pantry.

Here’s how to make these Sugar Cookie S’mores.

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Make-Ahead S'mores
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Graham Crackers Were Thought to Squelch Lustful Longings

In 1837, Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham invented graham crackers made from unsifted whole wheat flour as a cure for “carnal appetites.” Obviously, that didn’t work, but his recipe left a lasting legacy. Today graham crackers are a tasty snack that also makes a quick and easy pie crust.

Here’s how to make these Make-Ahead S’mores.

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Mini s'mores
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Chocolate Was Cherished

Aztecs considered cacao beans, the Mesoamerican fruit used to make chocolate, a gift of the gods. We definitely agree that chocolate is a true treasure! While all chocolate is delicious, are you using the right kind for your favorite recipe?

Here’s how to make these Mini S’mores.

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Cookies Came Before S’mores

Mallomars, the Nabisco cookie launched in 1913, and MoonPies, the handy snack born in 1917 to satisfy a coal miner’s craving, are precursors of the s’more and still beloved by many people today…just like these other vintage food brands that are much older than you think.

Here’s how to make these S’mOreos.

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