How to Order a ‘McFloat’ (aka a Coke Float) at McDonald’s

Updated: May 10, 2024

If a McFloat isn't on the menu, here's how to DIY this secret McDonald's treat.

McDonald’s secret menu hacks are all over TikTok right now. The hacks—like the Land, Air and Sea, a sandwich with beef, chicken and fish, or this cool and creamy McFloat—used to be passed by word of mouth from friend to friend, but now we learn about them from viral videos.

The McFloat probably isn’t on the menu near you, but you can still order this delicious dessert!

What Is a McFloat?

It’s a cold Coke topped with creamy vanilla soft serve. While this is an actual McDonald’s menu item in other countries, it’s only a DIY secret menu option in the United States. You can get this Coke float (also known as a Black Cow) at any McDonald’s location that sells ice cream…if the ice cream machine isn’t broken that day!

See how McDonald’s soft serve compares to other fast-food ice cream.

Can You Get a Root Beer Float at McDonald’s?

There isn’t specifically a root beer float on the menu at McDonald’s, but you can hack the menu at some locations to create your own. Not all McDonald’s locations sell root beer, but I was lucky, and the one closest to my home in the Chicago suburbs does offer Barq’s root beer.

How to Order a Coke Float from the McDonald’s Secret Menu

ingredients for a McFloat on a table at McDonald'sKristina Vänni for Taste of Home

There are several ways to order McDonald’s: at the counter, through the app or a kiosk and at the drive-thru. You might need to adjust how you place your order depending on how you place it.

Step 1: Order a plain sundae, large Coke and a medium water

Your sundae will be just ice cream in a cup without any toppings. I’ve seen TikTok creators order a vanilla ice cream cone, but I think it’s much easier to go with the plain sundae. It’s not as messy because there are fewer drips and you don’t have to worry about the leftover cone. Plus, I think you have more ice cream to work with, so you can even create two McFloats from one order.

Ask for a Coke with no ice if you’re talking to a real person at the counter or at the drive-thru. If you’re using the app or a kiosk, add a special note. Ordering a large is key here because you need the big cup for assembling your float!

Last, order a (free!) water in order to get that extra cup for assembling your float. Again, specify no ice. If you’re ordering in person, simply ask for an extra cup.

Step 2: Assemble the McFloat

Now it’s time to hack your order and make a McFloat!

Start by pouring half of the soda into the empty cup. (If you ordered a water, discard or drink the water before starting.) Then top with half of the ice cream from the sundae cup. Then add the remaining ice cream from the sundae cup into the original large soda cup. That’s right, you have not one, but two McFloats.

If you want one big McFloat all to yourself, that’s not a problem. Just skip the extra cup and drink about a third of the soda before adding the ice cream. Again, you just want to make sure to create enough space to allow for the float to foam up when the ice cream is added. Add a straw and you’re done!

Tips for Ordering a McFloat

McFloat on a table at McDonald'sKristina Vänni for Taste of Home

  • Don’t skimp on the large soda or medium extra cup. When you add the ice cream to the soda it will foam up quite a bit. You need the extra space in the cup to make sure you don’t have a McMess on your hands.
  • Use other sodas on the menu to create different McFloats. Try Fanta Orange to create a Creamsicle float. Dr Pepper or Sprite floats are also delicious. You can even lighten up your float a little bit by using Diet Coke instead of regular Coke. And, if you want to experiment, make an affogato or McBassett using a shot of espresso or iced coffee.