How to Order a Frosted Lemonade at Starbucks Right Now

It's on the Starbucks secret menu, of course.

It doesn’t matter what month it is—we’ll always be on the lookout for cool summer sippers. Starbucks has plenty on the menu, like an all-new shaken espresso on the spring menu. But nothing quenches our thirst like a refreshing lemonade.

Thanks to the Starbucks secret menu (aka the gift that keeps on giving), you can order a frosted lemonade at Starbucks any time of year! Here’s what to ask the barista for.

How to Order a Frosted Lemonade

It’s pretty easy to order. You can do a frosted lemonade with blended ice and lemonade, or you can follow the recipe from @The_Joyful_RBF on Instagram. This version is loaded with decadence—ask for a blended lemonade with coconut milk and a couple pumps of liquid cane sugar, depending on your sweetness preference.

You can also kick this drink up a notch. I think raspberry syrup and frosted lemonade are the perfect combination, though too many pumps of raspberry can overpower the lemonade. For a grande, start small with two pumps, and if it’s not sweet enough, ask your barista for an extra pump. Your taste buds will thank you!

Pair this frosted lemonade with a slice of the lemon loaf—or make your own Starbucks lemon loaf at home.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Baristas aren’t trained on secret menu recipes, so make sure to carefully put your order in online, or pull up the recipe for the barista if you’re ordering in-house. Coconut milk is about 60 cents extra, too, so this drink will cost a little more than your average Starbucks lemonade. Still, we don’t mind shelling out a few cents more for this frosty beverage.

Don’t forget to bring your Starbucks cup along!

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