How to Order a Dairy Queen Pup Cup

Here's how to get a Dairy Queen pup cup—because it's way better than sharing your Dilly Bar with your dog.

If you’ve seen pups chowing down on a cup of ice cream from Dairy Queen on a hot summer day, you might have checked the menu for an option for your own furry friend. But you won’t find the DQ pup cup on the menu. Here’s what we know about this secret menu item for dogs.

Does Dairy Queen Have Pup Cups?

The Dairy Queen pup cup has been a thing since before “secret menus” became not-so-secret. However, because most Dairy Queen locations are independently owned franchises, it’s a good idea to check with your local DQ to be sure they offer the treat.

What’s in a Pup Cup?

Typically, a Dairy Queen pup cup contains a small serving of vanilla ice cream. And forget a cherry on top—some locations top the ice cream with a dog treat or two.

Are Pup Cups Safe for Dogs?


While you can freely share some “people” foods with your dog, ice cream should be reserved for a very occasional treat. The dairy, fat and sugar can be tough for pups to digest.

That said, it’s best to check with your vet before ordering, especially if your dog has any special dietary or health concerns. If your dog does have an extra-sensitive tummy, try making your own homemade dog treats so you know exactly what your pup is eating.

Can Cats Have Pup Cups?

It’s probably best to steer clear of Dairy Queen pup cups for cats. Their stomachs tend to be more on the sensitive side when it comes to the ingredients in soft serve. If you do get a pup cup for your cat, a tiny serving would suffice. A little goes a long way for these smaller animals.

How to Order a Dairy Queen Pup Cup

You won’t find a pup cup on a menu, partially because of the liability involved in marketing a human food for dogs’ consumption. Just ask for a pup cup by name! If that fails, simply order a small cup of soft serve for your dog. Most locations offer this treat for free, but others may choose to charge a small fee for their trouble.

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