This Is How to Order a Gummy Bear Refresher at Starbucks

Here's one more reason to love the Starbucks secret menu.

You love gummy bears. You love Starbucks refreshers. What better way to usher in summer than combining the two? We recently shared the recipe for the decadent Twix Frappuccino, the latest addition to the Starbucks secret menu, and now we’re back with yet another great drink—the Starbucks Gummy Bear Refresher!

How to Order a Gummy Bear Refresher

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TikTok user @maariamarmora, a Starbucks barista who often posts secret menu recipes, came up with this refresher that’ll bring back all your childhood memories of snacking on gummy bears—without any of the stickiness!

Step 1: Order a Venti Strawberry Acai Refresher with no water.

Step 2: Ask for peach juice and 2 pumps of raspberry.

Voila—you’ve got gummy bears in a cup. If your local ‘Bucks is out of peach juice, one TikTok commenter said it tastes just as good with guava, and for a richer upgrade, another suggests adding coconut milk. If you don’t like your drinks too sweet, you can leave the water in and still enjoy this refresher!

Tell Me More About the Secret Menu

While we love a good pumpkin spice latte, the drinks on the Starbucks secret menu can’t be beat. While none of these beverages are on the official Starbucks menu, baristas will usually be happy to make ’em, provided you know the ingredients and they aren’t in a rush. If you want to make it easier on workers, check out our guide to ordering from the Starbucks secret menu or learn how to make your drinks at home, like this Dragon Drink refresher.

Amrita Thakkar
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