How to Order a Candy Corn Cold Brew from the Secret Menu at Starbucks

This Starbucks beverage makes candy corn even sweeter.

The Starbucks secret menu has been keeping us cozy with all of the fall drinks we can ask for, including some scary sippers like the Frankenstein Frappuccino and the Witch’s Brew Frappuccino. Sure, Halloween is about all things spooky, but it’s also about all things candy. You probably know where we’re going with this…

The Candy Corn Cold Brew is a twist on a Halloween classic, and we already can’t get enough. The best part? You don’t have to go door-to-door to get your hands on this year’s best Halloween treat.

Trick or Treat!

The recipe for Starbucks’ secret menu Candy Corn Cold Brew comes from TotallytheBomb and @StarbucksIsBae on TikTok. Start your order off with a Venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, then ask your barista to replace the vanilla syrup with white mocha sauce. Request one more pump of the pumpkin sauce in your sweet cream cold foam, and voila! Your candy corn masterpiece is complete.

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Before you order this drink, you should know cold brews with sweet cream are always outfitted with a sippy cup lid. Skip the straw on this one—the sippy lid allows you to taste each flavor one by one, making for an even more indulgent beverage. And trust us when we say you’ll want to savor this one for as long as you can!

Keep Your Barista in Mind

Before you hit the drive-thru for this spooky-sweet drink, you’ll want to have the recipe pulled up or memorized. Starbucks baristas aren’t trained on secret menu drinks, so you may earn some sideways looks if you order the Candy Corn Cold Brew by name. Since this is a simple beverage which very minor changes, don’t worry about holding up the line—they should have this drink out lickety-split (and without too much of an upcharge).

We don’t know about you, but we’re ordering the Candy Corn Cold Brew ASAP!

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