This Costco Advent Calendar Is Filled with 24 Cans of Craft Beer

There's no better Christmas gift than this Costco Advent calendar.

Before you know it, Christmas will be right around the corner. It looks like all of our favorite brands have already started celebrating! International Delight just released their Elf coffee creamer, and Hallmark has announced their 2021 holiday movie lineup. Advent calendars are on the rise, too! Adli has already released their full line of Advent calendars perfect for everyone in your life, and Give Them Beer put a boozy twist on the tradition with their all-wine Advent calendar.

But what makes the jolly season even jollier? Beer! This Costco Advent calendar has you covered.

What’s in Each Calendar

As much as we love them, we’re not talking Bud Light or Corona. The beer in the Costco Advent calendar is imported from Germany, so every day in December you’ll have a different can of bier.

The calendar was first spotted by Instagram user @Costco_DoesItAgain, who excitedly shared with fans the boozy bevvies they’ll be enjoying this season. Costco released an identical Advent calendar last year, and customers went wild, so don’t expect this one to stay stocked for too long.

The back of the box features all of the beers included in this calendar, plus a QR code you can scan with your phone to find out more about your favorite brew. Depending on the day of the month, you can taste test the Vienna lager, German-style pilsner, pale ale and so much more.

When to Find the Advent Calendars

You’d better hop in the sleigh and head off to Costco, because we have a feeling these calendars will be snatched up fast. They went on sale in late September, and they’re considerably cheaper than other calendars. The Costco Advent calendar will only cost you around $60, which is a big drop from the hundreds other brands may ask. If cozying up with a beer in hand sounds like how you want to spend your holiday, don’t wait on this deal. Can’t get enough? Try the best IPAs you need to try now!

Pair Each Beer with a Different Dessert
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