Costco Is Selling an 8-Pack of Mini Patron Bottles PERFECT for the Weekend

This set has four different types of Patron, so there's something for everyone—and every drink.

We love Costco more than we can put into words. The famous big-box chain always has exactly what we’re looking for in enormous quantities at superb prices. Earlier this year, they were selling a giant jar of Reese’s Pieces, and just recently, delicious hot cocoa bombs have started showing up for the holiday season. They come with marshmallows inside the chocolate.

That’s not all we love Costco for, though. They also have some of the best weekend sippers in the game. You know, like this sweet new gift set featuring eight mini bottles of Patron!

Costco’s Mini Patron Will Complete Your Week

Do you remember the Patron tequila gift set Costco was offering this past summer? This is like that, but four times as amazing. We love a bit of variety in life, and that’s exactly makes this set so great. So, what exactly can we expect?

Altogether, there are eight bottles of mini Patron Tequila. There are four different flavors, which means there are two of each flavor per set. The flavors are as follows: Patron Silver, Patron Añejo, Patron Reposado and Patron XO Cafe. With such an assortment, anyone can enjoy a bottle of their own with this wondrous package!

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While you’re probably most familiar with Patron Silver, the others might be new to you. Patron Añejo is an oak tequila aged for 12 months to produce the perfect beverage for sipping. Patron Reposado’s oak flavoring is similar, but instead has only been aged for two months. Patron XO Cafe on the other hand is a, “dark, dry and delicious low-proof coffee liqueur with Patron Silver.” I know what I’m using in my coffee from now on!

These mini bottles may even usurp our favorite tequila for margaritas, they’re so good!

Get Yourself an Early Stocking Stuffer

For only $30, you can grab this exquisite pack of sippers straight from Costco. While they’re small enough to stash away in your kitchen for later events, they also serve perfectly for small get-togethers or even adult stocking stuffers this holiday season. It’s never too early for gift shopping, right?

If you need some mixing ideas for your brand new bottles, check out these recipes.

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