Why The Beautiful by Drew Barrymore is the Frozen Drink Machine You Need

Updated: Jun. 13, 2024

Our editor can't get enough of the frozen drink maker from Drew Barrymore's kitchen line. Here's why we love this sleek and splurge-worthy blender.

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Nothing gets a party started like a refreshingly cold cocktail. However, rising restaurant prices means it’s not exactly budget-friendly to enjoy them all the time. If you’re anything like me, you’ve learned some at-home bartending skills that save a few dollars. Unfortunately, I love bar-quality frozen drinks best—and it turns out that those are trickier to tackle than a simple Tom Collins.

Margarita machines exist, but they’re often pricey and take up a ton of counter space. Plus, they always clash with my low-key kitchen decor. When Drew Barrymore added a line of frozen drink makers to the Beautiful by Drew Walmart line, I knew this was the house party game-changer I’d been dreaming of.

What is the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore frozen drink maker?

Drew Barrymore Frozen Drink Makervia merchant

The Beautiful by Drew frozen drink maker is like a blender, but better. Like other appliances from the Beautiful by Drew line, the drink maker features a beautiful LED touchscreen display. Presets for frozen drinks, smoothies and snow cones round out this pretty drink maker.

Unlike a shaved ice machine, the drink maker automatically mixes up drinks right inside the pitcher. It boasts a pour spout that makes it so easy to serve up daiquiris and margaritas. The no-drip design is the star of the show—a button on the front controls the spout, so it doesn’t leak when bumped.

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Why I Love It

Tons of thoughtful details make this frozen drink maker my top choice for at-home icy cocktails. That’s no surprise for something from the Beautiful by Drew line. A generous 60-ounce carafe holds up to 10 six-ounce drinks—enough for a crowd. The intuitive sensor-activated blade system precisely crushes up ice and beautifully mixes blended cocktails, smoothies, snow cones and shaved ice.

Don’t worry about spills while pouring. The easy-to-use pour spout makes serving a breeze. Plus, it comes in all of Beautiful’s signature colors, including lavender and sage green. It’s so pretty, you won’t want to hide it in a cupboard!

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

Like me, other shoppers love the look and ease of this frozen drink maker. “I love this blender’s sleek design,” writes verified purchaser Danielle. “The machine has a touch-activated control panel that disappears when not in use. There are three different drink settings; frozen drink, snowcone and smoothie.

It also comes with an easy-to-use dispenser spout to pour your drinks effortlessly. I used fresh and frozen fruit to make a smoothie and it blended perfectly! I also love that it has an automatic turn-off for each drink’s cycle time. I would highly recommend this frozen drink maker for any occasion! It makes frozen drinks effortlessly!”

Where to Buy the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Frozen Drink Maker

Drew Barrymore Frozen Drink Makervia merchant

Like the viral Hero Pan and other Beautiful by Drew Barrymore kitchen items, the frozen drink machine is available at Walmart.com. It retails for around $90, which is about a third of the price of similar drink makers. Stop tossing money away on drinks at the bar—this clever tropical blender brings the beach cabana home!

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