Save Yourself a Trip to the Coffee Shop—This Machine Makes Delicious Cold Brew in Under 20 Minutes

Updated: Apr. 19, 2023

The makers of the viral Instant Pot came up with a cold brew machine that requires virtually no wait time—but how does it work?

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Real cold brew is something magical. It highlights the delicate flavor nuances found in the best coffee brands and offers a less bitter taste than drip brews. Because of the time it takes to make, cold brew coffee is pretty pricey. Luckily, the new Instant cold brewer makes it possible to enjoy cold brew in under 20 minutes right in your home—no extra cash or time required.

What is the Instant cold brewer?

Making cold brew coffee that’s as good as a coffee shop requires an assortment of special coffee products and—even worse—a wait time of at least twelve hours. It’s much easier (and faster) to buy the best cold brews on a supermarket run. However, at upwards of $8 per bottle, it’s not a cost-effective solution.

The Instant cold brew coffee maker whips up smooth, flavorful cold brew without the wait. We’re not referring to iced coffee, either—we’re talking a real cup of made-to-order cold brew, without driving to your local cafe. Fill up your iced coffee cup right at home for the perfect Monday pick-me-up.

Each package comes with a glass carafe, inner basket insert, lid and a touchscreen base that does all the brewing work. The base boasts several touch controls, including a strength selector. Because the pitcher is relatively small at only 32 ounces, it fits on apartment counters or easily tucks away under a coffee bar.

How does the Instant cold brew coffee maker work?

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To make a simple cold brew or create the base for your favorite copycat recipe, fill the basket insert inside the cold coffee brewer with a few scoops of your favorite coffee grounds. We recommend investing in a clip scoop that keeps coffee fresh between uses. Any type of coffee will work in the Instant cold brewer, provided the beans are coarsely ground.

Then, add the desired amount of cold water to the pitcher, being careful not to go higher than the recommended fill line. Pop on the lid and place the carafe on the base. Now it’s time to brew! Starting the machine is intuitive—just select the desired brew strength using the plus and minus buttons. Simply tap the green triangle button to begin brewing.

Once 20 minutes pass, a pot of fresh cold brew is ready for consumption. We love the flexibility of the machine since it’s built to tailor brews to any taste. For example, those who prefer tea over coffee can substitute the coffee grounds for tea leaves for lightning-fast iced tea.

It’s even easier to clean than it is to use, too. When finished, just pop the carafe into the dishwasher after emptying the brew basket.

What Reviewers Say

Over 100 reviewers tout this coffee maker as an improvement over traditional brew methods that require heat or an extensive wait.

Verified reviewer LaStrawberryMom even owns two! She writes, “I have been a cold brew drinker for years. Unfortunately, the old way had me using a gadget that had to go in the fridge and sit for a century. Then, I had to strain the coffee grounds, etc. All messy and time-consuming. I saw this Instant Pot cold brew maker on social media and decided to give it a try. I was concerned due to the price tag, but I love my Instant Pots (I have two of those as well), so I felt it would be a quality product.

Simply add the grounds to the strainer basket and turn it on. I use cold water from the fridge. Sometimes I drink immediately, but sometimes I toss it in the fridge for even longer brewing beyond the max 30 minutes it will run.

Clean-up is VERY easy and its compact design doesn’t take up much room on the counter at all. I have even put it in my suitcase and traveled to Vegas with it! I love it so much that I have now bought a second one to keep at my vacation place.”

Where can I buy the cold brew coffee maker?

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The Instant cold brew machine normally retails for $119, but Amazon has it for only $99 for a limited time. Stock up at this special price and snag an Instant cold coffee maker as a gift for a coffee lover. Or grab one for yourself as a self-care investment and say goodbye to $5 down the drain every morning.

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