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Learn how to put your favorite gear to work. We’ve got tips on how to make the most of your pressue cooker, Dutch oven, cast-iron skillet, air fryer and much more.

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    Green Onion Rolls

    6 reviews

    Better double the batch! These savory, elegant rolls will disappear fast. —Jane Kroeger, Key Largo, Florida

    Never-Fail Cutout Cookies

    3 reviews

    I have tried numerous recipes for cutout cookies over the years—this one is foolproof. My daughter and my granddaughter love...

    Italian Cornmeal Spritz Cookies

    A chef at a local culinary school gave me this recipe, and I've been using it for years. Italian cornmeal...

    Mine Run Candy

    36 reviews

    This candy always brings back memories of my childhood in mining country. It is so easy to make, and you...

    Carolina Shrimp & Cheddar Grits

    8 reviews

    Shrimp and grits were a house favorite—if only we could agree on how to make them. I stirred up a...

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    Crispy Smashed Herbed Potatoes

    11 reviews

    Golden brown and buttery, these spuds live up to their tantalizing name. A sprinkle of fresh herbs when they’re hot...

    Cinnamon Raisin Quick Bread

    44 reviews

    Cinnamon and raisins bring heartwarming flavor to this mildly sweet bread. It's ideal for an on-the-go breakfast or a quick...

    Peas in Cheese Sauce

    7 reviews

    Mom dresses up convenient frozen peas with a quick-to-fix cheese sauce that our family loves.

    Garlic Bread Spirals

    10 reviews

    These scrumptious rolls are true treasures. Refrigerated dough makes them so easy to prep before a party, and they disappear...

    Chicken Royale

    2 reviews

    Treat your dinner guests like kings and queens by serving them these individual stuffed chicken breasts. -Nancy Schubert, Lake Forest,...

    Roasted Potatoes, Carrots & Leeks

    1 review

    Simply seasoned and flavored with garlic, this fantastic side dish will complement just about any entree. The colorful veggies are...

    Cauliflower-Broccoli Cheese Bake

    5 reviews

    One of the first dishes my mom taught me is a tasty pairing of cauliflower, cheese and broccoli. It's absolutely...

    Crispy Shrimp Poppers

    5 reviews

    Hometown cook Jacquelynne Stine entered this terrific appetizer in our Las Vegas, Nevada competition. A crisp, golden coating surrounds her...

    Asparagus-Stuffed Chicken Breast

    11 reviews

    With its pretty presentation and sensational flavors, this rich asparagus stuffed chicken breast makes any meal feel special. —Louise Ambrose,...

    Easy Party Meatballs

    9 reviews

    Meatballs are always great for parties. This is an easy twist on the usual recipe, and it's very fast to...

    Soft Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

    14 reviews

    Warm, buttery dinner rolls are absolutely irresistible. I save time and use a stand mixer to make my dough. —Jennifer...

    Minted Beet Salad

    We have neighbors who share vegetables from their garden, and every year my husband and I look forward to their...

    Garlic Knotted Rolls

    2 reviews

    Using frozen yeast dough is an easy way to make homemade rolls. These cute knots add a special touch to...

    Chocolate Espresso-Nut Torte

    2 reviews

    I love chocolate and nuts, and they come together deliciously in this torte. Serve it with sweetened whipped cream or...

    Tomato-Basil Pull-Apart Rolls

    1 review

    My nephew helped me create these soft and colorful rolls. He named them “wheelies” because the spiral shapes reminded him...

    Favorite Italian Cake

    19 reviews

    Marilyn Morel

    Here’s a scrumptious cake that melts in your mouth and makes you say, “Mil...

    Buttery Crescent Rolls

    24 reviews

    I always have to double this buttery, homemade crescent roll recipe because they never last long. You can shape them...

    Lemon Cheesecake Tarts

    4 reviews

    To make these cute tarts more quickly, add the filling to store-bought phyllo tart shells. —Sarah Gilbert, Beaverton, Oregon

    Salmon and Goat Cheese Crepes

    Homemade crepes filled with a fabulous goat cheese cream and topped with smoked salmon add a real "wow" factor to...

    Orange Gumdrops

    4 reviews

    I get nothing but rave reviews when I make these gumdrops and usually have to prepare three batches. The refreshing...

    Sweet Candied Carrots

    7 reviews

    These tender, vibrant carrots have a buttery glaze and a mild sweetness. It’s a simple dish, but it sure makes...

    Banana Streusel Pie

    2 reviews

    I obtained this recipe from my mom, who is a great cook. It's been in the family for years. We...