Mint Candy Recipes

Freshen up your sweet tooth with these mint candy recipes! Whether you’re looking for butter mint recipes or mint melt away recipes, we have what you’re looking’ for.

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Pinwheel Mints

10 reviews

Both my grandmother and my mom used to make these eye-catching confections as a replacement for ordinary mints. When I offer them at parties, guests tell me the candies are wonderful, and then ask how I created the pretty swirl pattern. —Marilou Roth, Milford, Nebraska

Homemade Mints

2 reviews

David and I hosted a delicious dinner at my parents' house after our outdoor ceremony at a scenic spot. Our...

Layered Mint Candies

4 reviews

These incredible melt-in-your-mouth candies have the perfect amount of mint nestled between layers of mild chocolate. Even when I make...

Mint-Frosted Chocolate Cake

5 reviews

I often make a peanut butter version of this cake but wanted to switch things up by introducing a new...

Butter Mints

4 reviews

These creamy butter mints are smooth as silk and melt in your mouth! As a wife and mother of three...

Cream Cheese Candies

13 reviews

These homemade mints make a perfect last-minute addition to holiday treat trays. Pretty much everyone in my neighborhood has this...

Perfect Peppermint Patties

38 reviews

I make lots of different candy at Christmas to give as gifts. It can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it...