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Become a grocery shopping genius with our money-saving tricks and couponing tips, plus, discover behind-the-scenes perks you can take advantage of at stores near you.

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What Are the Grades of Beef—and Which One Should I Buy?

Select, prime, choice...what do grades of beef mean? And does the grade matter? A quick guide to understanding beef labels, plus when to save and when to splurge.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Buying Vanilla

The type of vanilla you buy can have a big impact on your cooking. Learn all about vanilla extract ingredients...

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Here’s How Long Your Fresh Produce Will Really Last

Wondering how long your fruits and vegetables will last, and how to tell when produce has gone bad? Our storage...

Here’s Why Food Expiration Dates Don’t Matter As Much as You Think

Food expiration dates may not be as set in stone as you think.

Are You Choosing the Right Type of Shrimp for Your Recipes?

There are many types of shrimp available but not all are quite the same. Find out what shrimp—or prawns—are right...

How to Pick the Best Green Beans

Here's what to look for when choosing the perfect green beans for a fresh summer potluck.

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How to Pick the Best Sweet Corn

Picking the freshest corn at a grocery store or farmer's stand might be even easier than you'd think.

What’s the Best Type of Vanilla Extract?

Not all vanillas are created equal, but they are for the most part all equally delicious when used correctly. Here's...

What’s in Season? Our Favorite Summer Produce and How to Cook With It

Learn what's in season this summer. This guide will teach you what produce is at its peak—plus how to buy,...