We’re Obsessed With Trader Joe’s Canned Eggplant—Here’s Why It’s Our New Favorite Snack

Updated: May 22, 2024

If you love Mediterranean food, you're going to love this savory veggie spread.

We all love Trader Joe’s snacks. From its crunchy peanut butter-stuffed pretzels to its sweet mini ice cream cones to its remarkable seasonal offerings, Trader Joe’s can do no wrong.

But because they serve so many incredible snacks, some true gems can go unnoticed. Such was the case for its canned Grecian Style Eggplant with Tomatoes and Onions. But let me tell you: now that I’ve tried it, it’s become a regular weekly buy. Here’s what makes it so special.

How Does Trader Joe’s Canned Eggplant Taste?

Trader Joe’s has cleverly paired its eggplant with rich tomatoes and savory onions and garlic. The result is like a cross between a mild sautéed eggplant and a perfect marinara. The subtle eggplant flavor isn’t overpowered, just complemented beautifully by sweet tomatoes and a hefty pour of olive oil. You get sweetness and acidity from the tomatoes, a hint of spice from the garlic, plenty of umami from the onion and just a touch of bitterness from the olive oil.

What Is the Texture of Trader Joe’s Canned Eggplant?

Trader Joes Canned Eggplant Van Van Cleave For Toh Dh Side CrackersVan Van Cleave for Taste of Home

This is where the spread really blew me away: the eggplant is creamy, the tomatoes are jammy and the oil offers that perfect fatty coating. If you hopped on the tinned fish trend during the pandemic, you will love the texture of this eggplant; it has a little bit of that slimy-briny thing that good oil-packed tuna or salmon popularized. But if you’re sensitive to vegetable textures, rest assured it’s nowhere near the gooey realm of okra.

Where Can I Get Trader Joe’s Canned Eggplant?

Obviously, you’ll need to head to a Trader Joe’s to get this particular item. Venture to the shelf-stable canned goods aisle, and find yourself a 9.9-ounce tin for just $1.29.

How Should I Serve Trader Joe’s Canned Eggplant?

The possibilities here are endless. I like to enjoy mine with a simple sourdough cracker as part of a mezze platter or charcuterie board. It pairs wonderfully with a mild, salt-forward cheese like mozzarella or feta. For a twist on a classic bruschetta, try topping ciabatta or baguette crostini with it.

If you’d like to transform the canned eggplant into a full meal, warm it up and toss it with a glug of reserved pasta water to make an instant healthy, deeply flavored pasta sauce. Alternatively, it would also serve as a beautiful anchor for vegetarian lasagna.

However you choose to incorporate this delectable item, it’s a simple, delicious way to add more vegetables and healthy fats into your diet. It sure beats basic crudités!

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