The Clever Click & Carry Bag Carrier Lets You Haul Groceries Hands-Free

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Dread errands no more, thanks to the convenient Click & Carry! It makes toting shopping bags and other belongings a total breeze.

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For two years, I rented a walk-up city apartment that often required I park blocks from my building. Far and away, the worst part of the chore that is grocery shopping was hauling my reusable bags down the sidewalk and up two flights of stairs. So when I stumbled upon the ingenious Click & Carry grocery bag carrier on TikTok six months after I moved out, I was seriously bummed. A simple tool that costs just $14 could have saved me two years of struggling and juggling bags.

If you’re an urbanite, busy parent or simply someone with dexterity issues, here’s hoping that you, on the other hand, discover this ultra-convenient, viral product in the nick of time and spare yourself some post-supermarket stress. You’re welcome!

What is Click & Carry?

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Founded in 2008 and featured on Shark Tank in 2020, Click & Carry is a company that creates what are essentially ergonomic, curved plastic loops with a center divider. Unassuming at first glance, this tool enables users to evenly distribute bags (or really anything with handles) onto either side of the divider for easier or altogether hands-free carrying.

The device carries up to 80 pounds of cargo, and comes in various colors and in one- or two-packs. The inexpensive, yet effective, accessory has more than 4,200 reviews and an average of 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon. Its predominant devotees are parents, senior citizens and, as the Click & Carry website calls them, “city dwellers.”

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How to Use the Click & Carry

The Click & Carry’s functionality is singular—and that’s just fine when you consider how well it works. Simply rotate the top portion of the handle, then load your cargo onto both sides, taking care to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. From there, sling the handle over your shoulder or grip it in your hand, then go! The gel padding on the underside keeps you comfortable. TikTok user, Simply Sal Finds, walks you through it.

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Some over-the-shoulder uses include carrying grocery bags, gift bags, dry-cleaned clothing and ball bags. Conversely, keep it in the palm of your hand when you’re dealing with paint cans, buckets of any kind, ski boots, roller blades or dog leashes.

When you’re done, simply stow it in your purse, glove compartment or backpack—it’s small enough to tuck just about anywhere.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Happy customers have loaded on the compliments, just as they do their bags to the Click & Carry.

“I had a bag with 10 Honeycrisp apples and a bag of laundry pods. I put them on this thing, and it felt like I was carrying a bag of marshmallows,” writes verified Amazon purchaser, Arc_2009.

And don’t be deterred by Click & Carry’s simplicity. Despite it, five-star reviewer,Lea K, likes to give the item as gifts. “I got one and loved it so much that this purchase was for gifting. This is a great stocking stuffer, and they will thank you every time they use it, trust me!” she shares.

Naià, a verified buyer, reminds us of the product’s seemingly never-ending versatility. “Excellent product for travel. It can carry your purse, duffel and laptop bag while you roll a suitcase about comfortably,” she writes,

Where to Buy the Click & Carry

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Ready to get carried away? (Ba dum tss!) Add the $14 handy helper to your cart on Amazon or Lowe’s. You (and your wrists) can thank us later!

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