The 10 Best Grocery Shopping Apps

Simplify your trip to the store with these grocery shopping apps.

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It’s the weekly errand we all love to hate: grocery shopping. From standing in long lines to not being able to find a perfectly ripe avocado to juggling your list, keys and coffee while simultaneously pushing a cart, it can be a tough task to tackle.

But fortunately, there’s an app for that, and we’ve rounded up our top 10 tech faves below. Thanks to these grocery shopping apps, you can say goodbye to that dreaded moment when you get to the store and realize you left your list at home (we’ve all been there!).

1. Flipp

The only app that matches coupons from your favorite brands with the circular from your local store, Flipp is designed to maximize your savings while you shop. It offers the weekly ads from over a thousand retailers!

2. MealBoard

Consider this the ultimate all-in-one app: It does everything from managing your recipes to storing your grocery list to even keeping track of what you do (and don’t) have in your pantry.

3. AnyList

The best part about AnyList (besides the fact that it helps you keep a super-organized list) is that you can share your list with anyone.

4. Grocery Pal

Grocery Pal is a bargain hunter’s dream. It allows you to browse all the sales and deals at the stores you love to shop at (even non-grocery stores like Target and Walmart) and easily add items that are on sale to your grocery list.

5. Buy Me a Pie!

Make your shopping much more efficient with Buy Me a Pie! Our favorite feature? The fact that you can sort your list by grocery store aisle so you don’t have to double back for forgotten products.

6. Grocery iQ

This one has the word “IQ” in it for a reason: Its main goal is to help you shop smarter. Grocery IQ helps you be a smarter shopper with convenient features like bar code scanning through your phone’s camera. Just snap a pic in the app, and the item can be added to your list for next time!

7. Out of Milk

Aptly named, this app’s defining feature is the Pantry List which lets you know when your stock of certain products is low so you never, well, run out of milk.

8. Key Ring

Streamline your key ring (and avoid accidentally losing one of your cards) by organizing all of your loyalty and rewards memberships in this app.

9. BigOven

Not sure what you want to make for tomorrow’s family dinner? BigOven can help with that. You can connect with friends to see what they’ve been buying and making (to get some inspiration), or you can type in what leftovers you have in the fridge to find recipes that will use them up.

10. Specialty Produce

Kumquats are on sale this week…but you have no idea what to do with them, how to store them, or what they actually taste like. That’s where Specialty Produce comes in. It gives you all the info you need on unique finds, including popular recipes from food bloggers.

Your weekly trip to the grocery store may never be your favorite thing in the world but, at least with these grocery shopping apps, you’ll be a lot more prepared, a lot more organized and a lot less stressed. And just think: You’ll never have to pay full price for chicken breasts again!

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