This Clever Sneaker Laundry Bag Makes Cleaning Shoes SO Much Easier

This sneaker laundry bag dries sneakers in minutes minus the dryer damage and annoying noise.

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Cleaning sneakers (especially white shoes) regularly extends their life and removes stinky odors. But throwing them loose in the washer and dryer can damage your laundry machines AND be louder than a rock concert. We prefer a calmer atmosphere in the laundry room, thank you very much. That’s why we’re obsessed with this sneaker laundry bag that affixes to most washer and dryer doors. It’s one of our favorite laundry products to make doing the wash easier. All the clean and dry shoes with none of the damage and noise? Yes, please!

What is a sneaker laundry bag?

Like the name suggests, the sneaker laundry bag attaches to the interior washer or dryer door and keeps shoes in place as they’re washed and dried. The square mesh design fits up to two pairs of sneakers (depending on size) and it has straps that wrap around the dryer door to keep it in place. Plus, there’s a zipper closure to keep your sneakers extra secure during the cycle.

Sneaker laundry bag product specs:

  • Made from durable mesh material with zipper closure
  • Holds one or two pairs of adult shoes or three pairs of kids’ shoes
  • Available in white
  • Dimensions: 15.5 by 15.5 inches

How to Use a Sneaker Laundry Bag

The trick to using a sneaker bag involves three steps: place shoes inside, zip the mesh pouch and secure straps on the laundry machine door. Yes, it’s even simpler than separating laundry!

The bag is made to fit most laundry dryer doors although some customers note they had difficulty putting it on a circular or curved door. One suggested workaround includes crisscrossing the velcro straps to keep the sneaker laundry bag in place. This bag also won’t work with a top-loading washing machine as the water and soap won’t hit the shoes.

Not only will your sneakers dry in this bag, but you’ll save your dryer drum and eardrums from potential damage with every use. You can also use this bag to keep delicates separate during wash and dry cycles.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

With an average of four stars and almost 6,000 reviews on Amazon, users are impressed with how well this sneaker laundry bag works—especially for the affordable price point.

“GREAT alternative to having gym shoes beat up the inside of the dryer and possibly (as we have experienced) throw a shoe with such force that it knocks the dryer door open and ejects the shoes! There is no longer the irritating sound of tumbled shoes beating around on the inside of the dryer,” says verified Amazon purchaser BluenApril.

Another verified Amazon purchaser, Donnafromdenver, calls this the best invention since sliced bread. “I have three pair of sneakers that are always in the wash. The problem is that they take DAYS to dry, even in the sun at 90 degrees. This mesh bag keeps them up against the door of the dryer and you can fit two pairs of sneakers in there and they dry in about 25 mins.”

Where to Buy the Smart Design Sneaker Laundry Bag

Smart Design Sneaker Dryer Ecomm Silo Via Amazonvia merchant

Ready to change how you clean and dry your shoes? This sneaker bag is available on Amazon for $11.99.

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