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Become a grocery shopping genius with our money-saving tricks and couponing tips, plus, discover behind-the-scenes perks you can take advantage of at stores near you.

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Yes, There’s a Sugar Shortage—Here’s What You Need to Know

Because of the sugar shortage, expect to see empty shelves (or higher prices) in the baking aisle.

There’s Only One Way to Use Coupons at Trader Joe’s—Here’s How

Trader Joe's never fails to surprise us—or help us save some cash—but can you use coupons at Trader Joe's too?

Dynamic Pricing: Which Stores Use It and How Does It Work?

You pay more for things based on when (and how) you buy them, thanks to a practice known as dynamic...

Aldi Advent Calendars Will Be Back in Stores on November 1

Aldi Advent calendars drop on November 1—and we expect the wine, beer and cheese calendars to sell out ASAP!

18 Best Snacks at Trader Joe’s Right Now

This Trader Joe's aficionado knows what snacks are the best of the best. It's time to stock up!

These Are the Top 10 Most Wasted Foods

Nearly a third of Americans admit they’re likely to forget about leftovers. The most wasted foods may surprise you.

Is It OK to Eat Groceries Before Paying?

There's a difference between sampling trail mix and opening a bag of chips.

Why Are Food Prices Rising? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

As the cost of butter, bread, coffee, and even hot dogs goes up, here's how to save money on your...

Here’s a List of Stores Open on Easter Sunday (and a Few That Will Be Closed)

Need something last minute on Easter Sunday? Here are the stores open on Easter, plus a handful that will...

What You Need to Know About Aldi Savers Tags (and Other Color-Coded Price Tags)

This guide will help you find regular, seasonal and hot items the next time you're at Aldi.

8 Best-Value Items You Should Buy at Dollar Tree

Learn what to buy at the store where everything is really $1 or less.

Walmart Has Announced Plans to Remove Plastic Bags from Its Stores

The retailer has set a goal to become a zero-waste company—meaning no more Walmart plastic bags.

Kroger Is Changing the Way You Shop for Groceries

The nation's largest supermarket chain to reshaping the way America grocery shops, one cart at a time.

Here’s How to Shop for Your Whole Thanksgiving at Costco

This year, you don't have to go to store after store for all your Turkey Day goods. Grab this Thanksgiving...

Is It Food-Safe to Skip the Plastic Produce Bags at the Supermarket?

Going plastic-free might be environmentally friendly, but grocery stores have a dirty secret. Luckily, the solution is sustainable—and sanitary.

The 8 Healthiest (and 8 Unhealthiest) Foods at Costco

Costco's a great spot to shop for food, but some of their food options are definitely better for you than...

9 Little-Known Tricks to Save Money at Kroger on Your Next Shopping Trip

Who doesn't love to shop for their favorite foods and save money at Kroger at the same time?

The Secret Resource You’re Not Taking Advantage of at Kroger

Your local Kroger might be able to connect you with a registered dietitian. Is there a Little Clinic in your...

15 Healthiest Snacks You Can Buy at Walmart

Walmart now offers a big selection of organic, gluten-free, non-GMO foods. Next time you’re there, fill your cart with these...

10 Best-Value Things to Buy at Sam’s Club

Looking for the best Sam's Club deals? You'll need more than a membership card to save. Stock up on insider...

Is a Costco Membership Worth It?

With a know-before-you-go approach, a Costco membership can help stretch your grocery budget.

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The Best Rotisserie Chicken from the Grocery Store

Rotisserie chicken is a quick, easy and healthy mealtime staple. We set out to find the best rotisserie chicken at...

10 Things Health Experts Always Buy at Trader Joe’s

You don't need to spend big to eat healthy. Here are some healthy ingredients dietitians remember to buy at Trader...

7 Perks Only Wegmans Shoppers Know About

To help you shop smarter, we've uncovered the lesser-known perks of getting your groceries at Wegmans.

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The 10 Best-Value Items to Buy at BJ’s

BJ's Wholesale has tons of great deals. But which products will get you the most bang for your buck?

10 Secrets for Shopping Healthier at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be a dietary minefield. Be sure to head in with these great pointers.

Why Is Milk Always at the Back of the Grocery Store?

Sure, it's nice to get some exercise, but we found out the real reason they're making you walk to get...