Carbone Is Now Selling Its Famous Spicy Rigatoni Sauce on Amazon

You no longer have to hop on a flight to enjoy Carbone's spicy vodka sauce.

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One of America’s most famous Italian-inspired restaurants is Carbone, which opened in New York City in 2013 and has since added four more locations. Apart from piping hot plates of baked clams and mouth-watering breads, the popular eatery is also a well-known celebrity hot spot. Diners like Rhianna and the Kardashians flock to the Michelin Star-rated restaurant to chow down on antipasto platters, veal parmesan and—of course—Carbone’s world-famous spicy rigatoni.

Those lucky enough to secure a reservation should expect to see this unassuming dish on nearly every table. The secret behind the irresistible Italian fare? Carbone’s spicy vodka sauce. Now, home chefs can enjoy the tantalizing tomato sauce that’s inspired countless copycat recipes right from the comfort of their kitchen—no flight to New York or Las Vegas required.

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What is Carbone’s spicy vodka sauce?

Developed by award-winning chefs, the at-home version of Carbone’s spicy sauce uses the same high-quality ingredients as the restaurant. Unlike some supermarket sauce brands that use subpar ingredients, the chefs behind this spicy sauce don’t skimp on quality. They source these upscale flavors from the same farms that their restaurants use—meaning Carbone’s spicy sauce is anything but the average jarred pasta sauce.

Until now, Carbone’s spicy vodka sauce recipe was under lock and key. While the brand previously released at-home versions of its other popular sauces, the coveted spicy sauce was only available in-house. That all changes starting, well, now! Not only is it available online, but the sauce begins rolling out in stores this month, with nationwide availability arriving in September.

Families across the country can now enjoy flavors like Calabrian chili, slow-cooked onions and tomatoes grown in volcanic ash from their own dinner table. Subtly spicy and pleasantly acidic, Carbone’s spicy vodka sauce complements a range of Italian flavors, such as chicken parmesan and pickled cauliflower.

Because of all the hype, we can’t wait to get our hands (and mouths) around this creamy sauce. Homemade spicy rigatoni, here we come!

How to Serve It

Carbone Spicy Vodka Sauce And Ingredients Courtesy Carbone Fine FoodCourtesy Carbone Fine Food

Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi, the brains behind Carbone’s restaurant menus, oversaw the development of the spicy vodka sauce recipe, so you know it’s legit. The jarred sauce is already chock-full of all the finely tuned flavors that lend to its popularity. Apart from a single ingredient, it arrives just about ready to enjoy.

Serving it is simple, which is especially thanks to the inclusion of the handy recipe on the back of the jar. The Carbone chefs engineered the sauce with the intent that consumers “finish” it at home with 8 ounces of heavy cream. After simmering, toss it with cooked rigatoni pasta and butter, and ta-da! You have Carbone’s world-famous spicy rigatoni. A delicious meal that doesn’t require complicated ingredients? Check!

“As I like to say, our process is beautifully simple, but impossibly difficult in creating a product of superior taste and quality,” Carbone said in a press release. “We’ve taken this same approach with spicy vodka, arguably our most popular dish, to provide Carbone fans and new consumers alike with the opportunity to recreate that same taste experience in the comfort of their own home from our family to yours.”

Where to Buy Carbone’s Spicy Vodka Sauce

Caerbone Spicy Vodka Sauce Via MerchantVia Merchant

Eager cooks can find Carbone’s spicy vodka sauce on Amazon, where it’s being sold in a four-pack for $46. It’s also rolling out on shelves now, and will be available in stores nationwide in September. You could hop on a plane for Carbone’s famous spicy rigatoni, or you could just open a jar. The choice is clear to us!

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