Passover Recipes

On our seder menu, there’s something for everyone. Find classic Passover recipes like matzo, charoset and brisket, plus vegetarian mains, beloved desserts and more.

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    Your Ultimate Guide to the Passover Seder

    From the symbols on the Seder plate to the traditional holiday dishes, here's what to expect at a Passover Seder.

    Passover Meatballs Recipe

    These moist and slightly sweet meatballs are popular with family and friends during the spring holiday season. They're bound to...

    Charoset Recipe

    Charoset with apples, walnuts and spices has a special meaning for the Passover holiday. It represents mortar used for brickmaking...

    The Best Kosher Wine for Your Passover Seder

    Planning a Passover Seder? We've rounded up the best kosher wine brands to serve at your meal.

    30 Classic Passover Recipes Your Family Will Love

    However your family celebrates, share a Passover Seder meal worthy of the holiday. These easy Passover recipes are meant to...

    12 Ways to Use Up a Box of Matzo (During Passover or Any Time)

    Whether you're keeping kosher for Passover or just have some extra matzo on hand, these matzo recipes for Passover...

    Here’s Your Complete Passover Meal Plan

    Eat well all holiday long with this convenient Passover meal plan! Here you'll find breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dish...

    20 Baked Chicken Recipes, Perfect for Passover

    At Passover, cooking delicious, yet Kosher, dinners can be a tough gig if you're not used to it. We're here...

    15 Passover Decorations, Games and Props for Your Seder

    Make your Seder extra memorable with the help of stylish Passover decorations and fun games for the family.

    The Gefilte Fish Recipe You Never Knew You Needed

    This is not your bubbe's gefilte fish! Our step-by-step homemade gefilte fish recipe will make you forget that store-bought jar...

    How to Host a Small-Scale Passover Celebration

    Planning to host a small Passover Seder? We've got ideas for making sure the holiday is still as meaningful as...

    7 Passover Traditions from Around the World

    Explore unique global Passover traditions, from oranges on Seder plates to the Moroccan Mimouna celebration.

    13 Gorgeous Seder Plates for Celebrating Passover

    Hosting a Passover Seder doesn't have to feel intimidating once you have the right gear. These Seder plates prove that...

    What Is Maror? Here’s How to Make Maror for Passover

    Maror, or bitter herbs, is a key Passover symbol. Here's what it represents and how to make maror for your...

    Matzo Brei

    Matzo brei (pronounced like fry) is one of the few dishes from my childhood that I'll never outgrow. The dampened...

    Our Top 6 Passover Lamb Recipes

    Celebrate with one of these melt-in-your-mouth Passover lamb recipes. (Psst! When buying packaged ingredients and sauces at the store, make...

    What Is Matzo?

    What is matzo? Discover everything you need to know about this humble bread, which is most often served on Passover.

    What Is Kugel? Meet the Jewish Casserole Everyone Needs to Know

    A traditional Jewish recipe, kugel is an ultra popular dish. But what is kugel—and what makes this dish so special?

    Rainbow Cookies Are the Passover Treat You Need Right Now

    A New Jersey 
cookbook author 
finds memories and magic in the kitchen with this recipe for Rainbow Cookies.

    The Jewish Brisket Recipe Everyone Should Learn How to Make

    This Jewish brisket recipe is our go-to recipe for the holidays, and it's kosher for Passover. Use our expert tips...

    Matzo Ball Soup

    This traditional matzo ball soup recipe is worth the extra effort. If you prefer, you can add egg noodles instead...

    Passover Rainbow Cookies

    1 review

    The name "rainbow cookies" is actually a bit of a misnomer for these classic New York treats. To make the...

    Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

    3 reviews

    The keys to this amazing chicken matzo ball soup are slow-cooking it and using boxed matzo ball mix. Some people...

    Apple Cake for Passover

    Adding a dollop of whipped cream is a sweet addition to this passover cake! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee,...

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    What Is Gefilte Fish? Plus 13 Modern Ways to Make it at Home

    Whether you’ve never heard of the dish before or you grew up eating it, here’s everything you ever wanted to...

    Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Kosher Cooking

    "Kosher" is a Hebrew word that means "fit," as in "fit to eat." It sounds simple—but the rules about kosher...

    18 Passover Desserts That Will Become a New Family Favorite

    These Passover desserts will end your meal on a sweet note. Find recipes for macaroons, flourless cakes, matzo treats and...

    Here’s What Charoset Is Like on Passover Tables Around the World

    Charoset is a fruity, nutty spread that is a staple of Passover tables around the world, but wherever you go,...

    What’s the Difference Between Matzo, Matzo Meal and Matzo Farfel?

    If you’re confused about the difference between matzo products, you aren’t alone (and we’re here to help).

    Bubbe’s Best Passover Recipes

    Bubbe was an expert at preparing a delicious Seder meal. These are some of her best Passover recipes.