15 Best Passover Gifts to Bring to Seder Dinner

Any host or hostess would be thrilled to receive one of these thoughtful Passover gifts

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Capri Blue Volcano CandleVIA MERCHANT

Do you give gifts at Passover? Although you certainly don’t have to, if you’re attending a Seder dinner, it’s courteous to bring along something for your host or hostess. From gorgeous Seder plates to wine and desserts, these are some of the best Passover gifts for your celebration.

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Gold Rimmed Seder Plate Set
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For the Traditionalist: Seder Plate Set

No Passover dinner table is truly complete without a Seder plate. This gold-rimmed one is a timeless set you’ll be able to use year after year.

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Jew-Ish Cookbook
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For the Cookbook Collector: Jew-Ish

Whether you’ve already mastered the most popular traditional Jewish recipes or you’re just looking for a new dish to try this Seder, you’ll find plenty of delicious eats in Jew-Ish: A Cookbook. Highlights include modern twists on the classics, such as roasted chicken matzo ball soup and macaroon brownies. Learn how the author, Jake Cohen, celebrates Passover.

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For the Dessert Lover: Passcaken

Meet the turducken of Passover. From a New York City bakery famous for its outrageous confections comes the Passcaken, which is a coconut macaroon pie (with a matzo crust) that’s topped with flourless chocolate cake, raspberry mousse and a chocolate sea salt matzo crumble. Not yet convinced? Read all about the epic Passcaken.

Editor’s note: While this gift is kosher-style, it is not certified kosher for Passover.

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Volcano Candle
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For the Homebody: Volcano Candle

Lighting candles holds significance during Passover. And it’s not just limited to the traditional tapered candles. Celebrate the season with the beloved Capri Blue Volcano candle. Not only will it fill your home with the delicious scent of tropical citrus fruits, but it also looks beautiful sitting on the coffee table.

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Manischwewitz Passover Matzos
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For the Snacker: Passover Matzo

Ah, matzo—the preferred Passover snack. Although there are plenty of brands and varieties from which to choose, Manischewitz is one of the most popular (and you can buy it on Amazon!). If you have any leftover after the holiday, use your unleavened crackers in one of these tasty matzo recipes.

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Spring Bouquet
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For the Nature Lover: Bouquet of Flowers

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of blooms when visiting someone’s home. One of our favorite flower subscription services has a ton of gorgeous bouquets available for delivery, including this bunch of spring blossoms filled with pastel roses, lilies and carnations.

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Wine Decanter
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For the Wino: Wine Decanter

Wine is an integral part of Passover, so you’ll need a way to serve it. Enter: this sleek wine decanter, which has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. With a 750-milliliter capacity and easy-to-pour spout, it’s the perfect carafe to hold a bottle from one of the best kosher wine brands.

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Michael Aram Matzah Plate
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For the Hostess: Matzo Plate

Have your matzo and eat it, too, with this unique serving plate that looks just like the unleavened cracker. Handcrafted with gleaming nickel, it’ll look stunning sitting on your Passover table. We recommend filling it with this decadent chocolate-covered matzo that you can whip up in minutes.

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Entertainers Dried Fruit And Nut Tray
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For the Healthy One: Dried Fruit and Nut Tray

Give your host something on the healthier side to serve alongside all the indulgent desserts with this fruit and nut tray. It’s brimming with gourmet goodies, including dried peaches, plums and kiwis, along with roasted pistachios, almonds and cashews, to name a few.

Editor’s note: While this gift does not contain any grains, it is not certified kosher for Passover.

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Jardin Kitchen Towels
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For the Homemaker: Kitchen Towels

Albeit not Passover-specific, a set of pretty tea towels always makes for a great host or hostess gift. These soft cotton ones are covered in a colorful floral print that’s just right for the spring season.

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Kate Spade Oak Street Seder Plate
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For the Fashionista: Kate Spade Seder Plate

Yes, Kate Spade makes a Seder plate, and yes, it’s just as stylish and elegant as the designer’s popular handbags. Made of porcelain, the set includes six dishes in a rainbow of trendy hues from lavender to forest green. Each one is labeled in both Hebrew and in English.

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Rio Bronze Taper Candleholder
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For the Decorator: Bronze Candleholders

You have the candlesticks, so now you just need a set of candleholders. These elegant bronze ones will do the trick. Available in three sizes, they fit almost any tapered candle and feature a minimalist silhouette that will never go out of style.

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Fern Ceramic Spoon Rest
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For the Chef: Spoon Rest

When you’re cooking a big batch of homemade matzo ball soup, you’ll need a place to put your ladle in between stirring and scooping. This ceramic spoon rest is a classy solution. It’s made of easy-to-clean glazed ceramic and boasts an abstract fern design.

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Funny Passover Wine Lable
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For the Comedian: Passover Wine Bottle Labels

Upgrade your kosher wine with one of these funny wine bottle labels. With phrases like “Pass (That Wine) Over” and “This Is How We Jew It,” they’re sure to entertain all your Passover dinner guests. Another idea? Send each person home with one for their own vino.

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Passover Dessert Sampler
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For the Foodie: Passover Dessert Sampler

Why settle for one Passover sweet treat when you can have them all? This dessert sampler from beloved Essen Bakery in Philadelphia contains all the goodies you need to cap off your Passover dinner: coconut-lime macaroons, chocolate-covered matzo candy and an amaretto almond cake.

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