A mandoline is the ideal tool for slicing veggies into picture-perfect ribbons. And our guide covers the basics of how to safely use a mandoline slicer, plus related recipes, tips and tricks.

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This Best-Selling Amazon Vegetable Chopper Cuts 10 Ways—and It’s $25 Off

Busy moms call the the Mueller vegetable chopper "the perfect kitchen gadget." Make meal prep a breeze when you snag one today—it's on deep discount.

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The Best Mandoline Slicers, Tested by Our Pros

Make prep work a breeze with the best mandoline slicer. Our Test Kitchen team put nine popular brands to the...

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

1 review

Instead of the usual ho-hum apple pie, my grandmother and I prepared this showstopper salted caramel apple pie for Thanksgiving....

Vegetable Tian

This colorful, hearty and delicious dish originated in Provence, France. A mandoline makes easy work of slicing all the vegetables...

Smoky Vegan Bacon

2 reviews

This vegan bacon recipe is a must for any meatless eater! You won't believe how similar it is to the...

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Air-Fryer Potato Chips

7 reviews

For Christmas one year, I received an air fryer. Potato chips are simple to make in it and are an...

Are You Making This Dangerous Mistake With Your Mandoline Slicer?

We love our mandoline for getting paper-thin slices of produce like cabbage, radishes and apples. Not so much our fingers!

Root Vegetable Pave

5 reviews

This is a stunning side dish to serve company. The robust blend features earthy root vegetables in a lightly herbed...

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Homemade Potato Chips

13 reviews

Forget buying a bag of potato chips at the grocery store when you can make these at home. This quick...