12 Surprising Things to Add to Your S’mores

Updated: Jan. 05, 2023

Get your 'mallows ready! You'll want to try all of these.

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homemade marshmallow s'mores with chocolate on crackers
Shutterstock / Olga Miltsova

Whether you’re out in the wild or want nostalgic dessert at home, s’mores are the right treat for any occasion. The graham cracker, chocolate square and marshmallow combo is delicious, but there are clever ways to bring your s’more to the next level.

Going camping soon? Bring these campfire recipes with you.

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Cayenne pepper dusted s'mores on a baking sheet
Brittany Griffin

Cayenne Pepper

Add extra heat to your campfire with delicious cayenne s’mores. Just spritz your marshmallow with water and dust with cayenne pepper, then make your s’more as usual. You’ll have a sophisticated variation of the traditional recipe—just like these childhood classics all grown-up.

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Bacon in several s'mores stacked together


We’d say any bacon lover has probably realized how delicious the chocolate/bacon combination is! You can achieve this flavor nirvana by adding chocolate-covered bacon, or making a gourmet caramel and bacon s’more.

(By the way, we tasted the most popular bacon brands. Here’s the best one.)


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Reese s'mores
A Fork's Tale

Peanut Butter Cups

It’s kind of a no-brainer, but plain ol’ chocolate bars aren’t a requirement for a delicious s’more! A Fork’s Tale recommends using Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, but Kit Kats, Peppermint Patties or any other flat-ish chocolate will do the trick.

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Cookie dough s'more

Cookie Dough

Everything tastes better with cookie dough, and s’mores are no exception! The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook has a recipe for cookie dough s’mores that perfectly combines your two most-loved childhood faves. You can whip up the batter (with no eggs), and bring it on your next camping trip.

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Blackberry brie s'more
The Salty Canary

Brie Cheese

You don’t usually associate s’mores with elegance, but The Salty Canary’s recipe for brie and blackberry s’mores could be the perfect note to end your next dinner party on. Things could get messy, so you might want to make them in your oven, rather than around the campfire.

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Cherries in the pen
Shutterstock / N.Melanjina

Cherry Pie Filling

We already know that cherry and dark chocolate taste great together, so why not add them both to your s’mores? You can even make an open-faced s’more for is an unexpected take on the classic treat. (Here’s how to make your own pie filling!)

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Cookout Caramel S'mores

Easy delectable treats make a playful finish to an informal meal. Toasting the marshmallows extends our after-dinner time together, giving us something fun to do as a family. —Martha Haseman, Hinckley, Illinois
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S'more Sandwich Cookies

Capture the taste of campfire s'mores in your kitchen. Graham cracker crumbs added to chocolate chip cookie dough bring out the flavor of the fireside favorite. Melting the cookies' marshmallow centers in the microwave makes them simple to assemble. —Abby Metzger, Larchwood, Iowa

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S'mores Crescent Rolls

Here’s how to score indoor s’mores: Grab crescent dough and Nutella. Invite the kids to help with this rolled-up version of the campfire classic. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Make-Ahead S'mores

These can be prepared ahead of time and stored. I will often pull out a few for snacks whenever unexpected company stops by. —Anne Sherman, Orangeburg, South Carolina
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Bailey's marshmallows
Dabbles and Babbles


If a boozy s’more is what you’re going for (and there aren’t any kids around), Dabbles and Babbles has a super easy idea for Bailey’s marshmallows. After you’ve toasted your marshmallow to a golden brown, you dip it in Bailey’s and add it to your s’more. Magic!

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Ritz cracker s'mores
Kevin and Amanda

Ritz Crackers

Everything tastes better with Ritz Crackers. Next time you make a s’more (or when you’re out of graham crackers), Kevin and Amanda recommend swapping out the classic grahams for this salty alternative. It’s an easy way to make a pretty ritzy upgrade to your s’more. And if you like the sweet flavors combined with a ritz cracker, you won’t want to miss out on trying another ritz dessert—a ritz torte.