The Best Pancakes in Every State

Updated: Feb. 11, 2023

Warm, fluffy pancakes are one of the most classic breakfast dishes on an American diner's menu. Get the syrup ready—these are the best 50.

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Blue Plate Cafe, Huntsville

You could get a plate of the classic buttermilk, but why not get one of your daily fruit servings in too? When in season, Blue Plate Cafe tops their “Very Berry Pancakes” with fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. If you need a little extra sugar, top off the stack with their homemade whipped cream. For those days you stay in, learn how to make pancakes from scratch.

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Snow City Cafe, Anchorage

Snow City Cafe has a lot of fun with their flapjacks—their special changes every month. One month they might have “Aloha Pancakes” with bananas, pineapples, coconut shavings, bits of macadamia nut and coconut whipped cream. Another month they’ll have sweet potato pancakes stuffed with candied bacon and topped with honey butter. All sound delicious.

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Joe’s Diner, Phoenix

At a classic all-American breakfast joint like Joe’s Diner, it’s best to cut to the chase with their original pancakes. What more would you need than a big ball of warm butter melted on top? The atmosphere here is casual, it’s family-owned and their from-scratch food is all prepared using local ingredients. Be sure to check out our best brunch spot in every state!

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At the Corner, Little Rock

Modern flair meets down home fixin’s at At the Corner. Instead of a mom-and-pop shop, this is a sisters-and-mom shop opened to bring some farm-to-fork dining to Little Rock. The local ingredients on the menu come from over 100 farms. We recommend the sweet potato pancakes, topped with spiced pecans and bourbon maple syrup.

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CiCi’s Cafe, Tarzana

Make some time to decide, because there are over 50 types of pancakes to choose from at CiCi’s Cafe. Their green tea, piña colada and honey and mozzarella cakes are all worth a taste, but the tiramisu is a must-try. If you like chocolately pancakes, you’ll want to check out the best chocolate shops state-to-state.

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Urban Egg, Colorado Springs

The cinnamon swirl is the way to go at Urban Egg. It’s cinnamon bun meets pancake batter drizzled with a powdered sugar glaze. Dietary restrictions are no problem here—vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available.

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Caffé Social, Norwalk

While Caffé Social offers regular flapjacks on the menu with a build-your-own toppings option, ordering one of the specials will introduce you to pancakes that sound more like dessert than breakfast. They’ve had raspberry cheesecake, baklava, eclair, pumpkin cinnamon streusel—shall we go on? If you’re feeling inspired, try out our best pancake recipes.

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Quinn’s Café, Hockessin

At Quinn’s Café, breakfast is served all day. They serve classic hotcakes, or you can add up to three (or more) toppings of your choosing from: apples, bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, coconut, cranberries strawberries or walnuts.

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Doreen’s Cup of Joe, Marco Island

Dine on some delicious pancakes and sip on some fresh-brewed coffee from a local roaster. Doreen’s Cup of Joe notes that their full menu is available for carry out, which means you can enjoy some lemon ricotta, key lime or classic buttermilk from the comforts of your own home (or hotel). There’s nothing like a great cup of joe to go with sweet pancakes.

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Buttermilk Kitchen, Atlanta

Buttermilk Kitchen’s mission is to provide their customers with local, sustainable ingredients. This little blue pancake restaurant has buttermilk flapjacks on their weekday menu and their weekend brunch menu. Keep an eye out for specials, though, so you don’t miss out on sweets like their carrot cake pancake.

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Café Kaila, Honolulu

The pancakes at Café Kaila are pretty close to eating in a friend’s kitchen—after all, Kaila uses the same recipe at her cafe as she does for her family and friends. How should you order your pancakes here? Loaded with fresh fruit and dusted with powdered sugar.

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Smitty’s Pancake and Steak House, Idaho Falls

Is there anything better than a plain golden hotcake in a nostalgic steakhouse setting? You have five options at Smitty’s Pancake and Steak house: buttermilk, buckwheat, sourdough, potato or gluten-free. Speaking of the best steakhouses, take note of these.

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Little Goat Diner, Chicago

This one is for the chocolate lovers. Little Goat Diner‘s dark chocolate chip crunch pancakes sound like a hotcake made in heaven. If you’d rather savor this as a dessert, you’re in luck. Breakfast is served all day. Map out all your diner breakfast stops on your next road trip.

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Lincoln Square Pancake House, Indianapolis

If you stop by Lincoln Square Pancake House, you have to get their blueberry stuffed pancakes. The berries are inside, outside and in the butter. Don’t need that much sweetness? Get the heartier pancake platter, which comes with two eggs, three sausage links and four strips of bacon.

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Bluebird Diner, Iowa City

Bluebird Diner has quite the knack for “Midwestern soul food,” as they call it. They have plain buttermilk or gluten-free pancakes on their regular menu, but watch for their specials—their Praline Johnny Cakes drizzled with peach bourbon glaze are a hit.

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The Wooden Spoon, Overland Park

While the lemon ricotta flapjacks topped with raspberry syrup and lemon zest are citrusy sweet, the caramel macchiato is the dish to get at The Wooden Spoon. Yes, there is espresso in the batter, along with whipped cream, caramel syrup and crushed Heath bar. When in season, the pumpkin pie pancake is delightful, too.

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Toast on Market, Louisville

On the menu, the lemon soufflé with vanilla custard and blueberry compote is an adventurous option. Toast on Market also has specials like their peanut butter cakes with strawberry preserves—yummy. Classic sandwich and classic breakfast dish, unite! Don’t make these pancake mistakes the next time you fry up a batch.

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Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar, New Orleans

This is not your average-sized pancake. Surrey’s Cafe & Juice Bar cooks their cakes with bananas in the batter, and you can add peanut butter, cream cheese or pecans. Located on historic Magazine Street, this cafe might add a little sprinkle pizzaz to the top of your meal.

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Bayside American Cafe, Portland

You may want to go to Bayside American Cafe for the syrup alone. It’s 100% Maine maple and is perfect for their double-double stack: dark chocolate flapjacks stuffed with chocolate chips and garnished with a swirl of peanut butter and peanut butter chips. For those with a savory tooth, order the bacon cheddar scallion stack.

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Happy Jack Pancake House, Ocean City

Proof is in the pancake here. Two generations of families work at Happy Jack Pancake House, which has been open for more than 50 years. You’ll be all shook up about their Elvis pancakes, which are heaped with peanut butter chips, peanut butter drizzle, bananas and crispy bacon.

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In A Pickle, Waltham

This modern space might look like the classic pancake restaurant, and but it isn’t. In A Pickle’s specialty pancakes change weekly, and if you’re going to try them, we recommend bringing a big appetite. This Phish Food stack is just one of the concoctions they created. Chocolate batter, oozing marshmallow, fish candies, dulce de leche—and it’s cored out and filled with hot fudge.

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The Hudson Cafe, Detroit
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The Hudson Cafe, Detroit

The Hudson Cafe offers an “eclectic and modern twist on a classic brunch.” If you have a sweet tooth, try their red velvet or cinnabunn pancakes—both include cream cheese frosting. They offer gluten free and vegan options, too.

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Maria’s Cafe, Minneapolis

Located in the Ancient Trader’s Market in Minneapolis, Maria’s Cafe is a Colombian breakfast and lunch spot that resulted from a hobby. The ingredient that makes Maria’s pancakes so yummy? Corn. The dish is a cachapa—a traditional Venezuelan dish that can be made from fresh corn dough. Just add butter and a sprinkling of cotija cheese. If you appreciate Spanish and Mexican-style cooking, here are the best Mexican restaurants in every state.

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The South Mouth Deli, Hattiesburg

Perfectly browned flapjacks, fresh fruit and whipped cream coming right up. The South Mouth Deli serves their breakfast all day long, and you can pair it with a cup of locally roasted coffee. Need a gluten-free or vegan version? They’ve got it.

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Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe, Springfield

Originally opened by Joe and Beulah Gaily as a fountain drugstore, Gaily’s Breakfast Cafe is now a full service cafe that has maintained its nostalgic past despite no longer doubling as a pharmacy. Their peanut butter chocolate chip stack is served with peanut butter melted over the sides and covered in chocolate chips, or, if you like to add crunch to your breakfast, order the banana walnut. Satisfy your sweet tooth with The Best Dessert Recipe from Every State.

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Paul’s Pancake Parlor, Missoula

Founded in 1963, Paul’s Pancake Parlor has expanded its menu to offer 18 types of pancakes. You can get their rolled pancakes, which come dressed in toppings like lingonberry butter or peach compote. If you want to branch away from buttermilk, try their blueberry sourdough.

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Greenfield’s Restaurant, Lincoln

If you’re really hungry, Greenfield’s Restaurant has all-you-can-eat multigrain or buttermilk hotcakes. For those wanting a little more flavor, try their seasonal pumpkin pancakes, or go for the cinnamon roll stack covered with icing.

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eat., Las Vegas

Classic pancake stack with a side of sausage. But it’s not just any sausage at eat.—it’s smoked apple sausage atop golden cakes and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The whole menu’s vibe is healthy, hearty breakfast options inspired by America’s favorite comfort foods. If this slideshow is making you hungry, you can whip up the best ever pancakes.

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New Hampshire

Polly’s Pancake Parlor, Sugar Hill

Polly’s Pancake Parlor sits on a plot of land that was once a maple crop. During the Great Depression, the owners opened up a tearoom and served pancakes with their maple products. Today, the parlor is still family-owned, the flour is ground in-house and their maple sugar and spread are still produced on-location.

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New Jersey

Brownstone Pancake Factory, Englewood Cliffs

This is the pancake version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You’re going to wish Sunday brunch was every day after you’ve tasted Brownstone Pancake Factory‘s pumpkin cheesecake Nutella pancakes. You also might wish you wore an old pair of stretchy pants instead of jeans. If you think those Nutella cakes sound outrageous, you’ll want to know each state’s most outrageous desserts.

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New Mexico

Big Mike’s Burgers and more, Belen

Although Big Mike’s Burgers is known more for its burgers than its pancakes, the plain old stack of flapjacks here is a tasty one. Deep brown in color and soft and buttery in texture, they sure got it right with this breakfast staple. Order a single, a short stack or a full stack. If you want a little something extra, get it topped with an egg.

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New York

Bubby’s, New York City

Sure, wine flights are great, but have you ever had a pancake flight? Get a taste of Bubby’s banana walnut, blueberry, Nutella and mixed berry cakes all on one plate. Want something simple? Try their “1890 Sourdough” for a chewier, lighter dish.

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North Carolina

Joey’s Pancake House, Maggie Valley

Located in the Smoky Mountains, Joey’s Pancake House has been making pancakes for over 50 years, so you bet they’re delicious. You can order classic pancakes seven days a week, and if you go during a holiday, you might get heart-shaped pancakes, a turkey or a reindeer on your plate.

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North Dakota

The Shack on Broadway, Fargo

They keep it simple and home-style at The Shack on Broadway, but you should come with an appetite. The buttermilk cakes are made from a secret family recipe, and they’re so big, they hang over the edge of the plates. Add fresh blueberries or chocolate chips for extra sweetness. If you’re big on small-town charm, you’ll want to find out the best small-town restaurants.

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German Village Coffee Shop, Columbus

Maybe it’s the atmosphere of the old-school diner, or maybe it’s the recipe for the batter they use, but German Village Coffee Shop‘s pancakes are fluffy, golden deliciousness. Add chocolate chips or blueberries, and pair it with their house coffee.

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Neighborhood JAM, Norman

Caramelized anything is good, right? Maybe that’s why Neighborhood Jam‘s pineapple bourbon cakes are so tasty. Covered in caramelized pineapple and smothered in pineapple bourbon sauce with bourbon butter, these pancakes are also garnished with a lemon cream swirl and caramel drizzle.

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Yvonne’s, Oregon City

The atmosphere is relaxed and their ingredients are locally sourced—always a plus. The from-scratch buttermilk pancakes at Yvonne’s will not disappoint. Instead of getting the typical chocolate chips as an add-on, try their house-salted caramel sauce with bananas.

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Sabrina’s Café, Philadelphia

There are a few locations in Philadelphia, and while some parts of the menu change, the pancakes remain the same. Sabrina’s Café has buttermilk or whole wheat griddlecakes dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon. You can add bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips or strawberries.

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Rhode Island

Louis Restaurant, Providence

Family-owned and operated since 1946, this funky diner is the perfect place to get your pancake fix. Try Louis Restaurant’s specialty hotcakes or their plain cakes with your choice of batter: buttermilk, granola, pumpkin and vegan. If old-school eateries are your thing, you’ll want the list of best drive-ins across the country.

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South Carolina

Johnny D’s Waffles and Benedicts, Myrtle Beach

Johnny D’s chef, Jamie Daskalis, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in pastry and baking, and it shows. Though the spot is known for its waffles, the banana pecan pancakes are a yummy alternative. Need a gluten-free option? Sample their gluten-free banana strawberry cakes.

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South Dakota

Tally’s Silver Spoon, Rapid City

Less old-school diner and more upscale-contemporary, Tally’s Silver Spoon did keep its pancake dish simple. Order a regular stack, or add chocolate chips or blueberries—the latter of which is from the diner’s original recipe from the 1930s. Think you know the oldest restaurant in each state?

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Crockett’s Breakfast Camp, Gatlinburg

The word “cake” is taken seriously at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp. Less of a flattened disc of batter and more of a griddle cake, the thick pancakes here can be topped with wild berry compote, candied apples and white raisins or southern pecans, just to name a few.

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Magnolia Pancake Haus, San Antonio

If it’s the right season, you might catch Mexican hot chocolate pancakes on the specials menu. If not, don’t fret, there’s another Magnolia Pancake Haus recipe called the Apfel Pfannekuchen—an authentic Bavarian puffed pancake filled with spiced Granny Smith apples—that’s to die for.

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Stacked, Logan pancakes
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Stacked, Logan

Pancakes and pesto—um, or yum? At Stacked, they get creative with more savory options that are anything but typical. Take your pick from buttered bacon, ham, egg and cheese or turkey and pesto. You can also go for seasonal options like peaches and cream, or try their Texas Patriot—cakes with a strawberry, banana, blueberry and pecan topping.

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The Skinny Pancake, Montpelier

Busted! The Skinny Pancake technically is a creperie, and their crepes are too special not to make the list. They have sweet and savory options, and if you’re gluten-free or vegan, let your server know. Any crepe can be whipped up with a chickpea batter alternative.

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Citrus Breakfast & Lunch, Virginia Beach

You can’t go to Citrus without ordering a citrus-filled dish. The citrus pancakes are topped with bananas and pineapples and drizzled with orange glaze. If you’re looking for a more healthful choice, go for the whole wheat carrot pancakes and sugar-free syrup.

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Portage Bay Cafe, Seattle

At Portage Bay Cafe, their pancakes are part of a breakfast bar. You can order any of the pancakes on the menu and then take your plate up to the bar to load it up with your favorite toppings. Yes, this means you control how much whipped cream you smother on top.

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West Virginia

Blue White Grill, Martinsburg

What’s better: fluffy, fresh-off-the-griddle cakes, or the big ball of butter melting over the top of the stack? At Blue White Grill, you can stick to the basics with a generously buttered stack of flapjacks, or you can indulge your sweet tooth with Oreo crumb cakes.

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Mad Rooster Cafe, Milwaukee

The farm and country atmosphere makes Mad Rooster Cafe warm and inviting, and their thick hotcakes are sure to fill you up. Order something with an extra munch: the Wildberry Crunch is cooked with fresh granola, covered in seasonal berries and then drizzled with cream cheese. Milwaukee made the list for best food halls across the states, too.

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Eggington’s, Casper

Sure, regular pancakes topped with fruit are yummy, but why not stuff the insides with the fruit instead? Eggington’s loaded pancakes come with three stuffing options: granola, blueberries or bananas. If you’re in the mood for something different, order the triple berry pancakes. In addition to the strawberry and blueberry topping, they’re additionally dressed with marionberry compote.