The Best Mom-and-Pop Chocolate Shops in America

When it comes to the best mom-and-pop chocolate shops, our Taste of Home Community Cooks know the very best. Check out their top picks from coast to coast.

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Seattle Chocolates

Seattle, Washington

“I originally received Seattle Chocolates as a special gift. While I’m not normally a huge chocolate fan, these candies are the exception. My favorite flavor is their San Juan Sea Salt. Creamy milk chocolate with little bits of sea salt. It melts on your tongue. Now I love sharing these with someone who’s never had them before—it’s instant love.” —Elizabeth Bramkamp

Check out Seattle Chocolates’ variety.

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Fowler’s Fine Chocolates

Buffalo, New York

“Fowler’s has been around Buffalo for over 100 years. Famous for sponge candy (which is to-die for!), they’re truly a Buffalo icon. Once a year they sell tickets for a factory tour and a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program, making them a great neighbor to Buffalo as well.” —Sue Stetzel

Give Fowler’s sponge candy (and much, much more) a taste.

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Dolce Mare Sweets

Marco Island, Florida

“The sea salt dark chocolate caramels from Dolce Mare will give you an ‘I’m having a moment’ reaction when you bite into them. They hit all your taste buds once: the bitterness of the chocolate, the rich caramel and then the surprising note of sea salt.” —Cyndy Gerken

Shop chocolates (and more!) from Dolce Mare.

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Buffett’s Candies

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Albuquerque has more than its share of artisan chocolatiers, but for the best, you’ve got to go with the original: Buffett’s Candies (aka ‘The Place With The Giant Candy Cane’). They’ve been doing it right for 60 years, pioneering the delicious combo of chocolate and piñon (pine nuts). Get the piñon horny toads!” —R.D. Stendel-Freels

Get Buffett’s Candies delivered to your door.

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Riverside Chocolate Factory, McHenry, Illinois

Riverside Chocolate Factory

McHenry, Illinois

“It’s hard to pick my favorite chocolate from this quirky candy store—everything’s luscious, but the toffee and sponge candy are my go-to’s. We had their chocolate-covered strawberries and truffles at our wedding, and the guests went nuts. Full disclosure: The Chocolate Factory was started by my husband’s aunt and uncle.” —Ellie Martin Cliffe

Taste what all the fuss is about.

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Arrowhead Chocolates

Joseph, Oregon

“The huckleberry and lavender honey truffles from Arrowhead Chocolates are excellent!” —Glenna Pierce Tooman

Try unique Arrowhead chocolates for yourself!

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Holl’s Handcrafted Swiss Chocolates

Charleston, West Virginia

The owner of Holl’s was born in Switzerland and trained in his families chocolate business. The chocolates are so good it’s hard to pick a favorite but I’d have to say mine is the melt-in-your-mouth triple sec truffle. They are so decadent that you can eat just one piece and feel like you are indulging in something luxurious!” —Becky Cline Carver

Learn more about Holl’s creamy truffles.

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Lammes Candies

Austin, Texas

“Here in Texas, a favorite candy is Lammes (pronounced lammie). They’ve been around since 1885 and they still use the same quality ingredients today. They’re most famous for their Chewie Pecan Pralines, but they have much more to offer—all delicious.” —Joan Hallford 

Visit Lammes website to learn more.

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56 pc. Classic Collection
Photo: via DeBrand

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

Fort Wayne, Indiana

“DeBrand is the best. Gourmet, beautiful chocolates that look like what they are—the chocolate-covered raspberries are shaped just like a raspberry! So creamy and to die for!” —Gina Mussallem Fensler

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Confections by Joel

Theresa, Wisconsin

“Confections by Joel is a favorite! What makes this place even more special—besides the amazing creamy chocolate—is that the chocolatier is actually blind. He makes some very delicious chocolates and candies.” —Heather Karow

Give this small-town favorite a try!

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Betty Jane Candies

Dubuque, Iowa

“Here in northeast Iowa, my favorite is Betty Jane’s candies. They were named People‘s top culinary gift in Iowa. Their specialty is the ‘Gremlin’—chocolate, caramel and pecans. They are just wonderful!” —Carol Kaiser

Check out Betty Jane’s website and get some Gremilins to share.

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Sanders Fine Chocolates

Detroit, Michigan

“Can’t you see me drooling? Everything at Sanders is handcrafted. Candy, ice cream and their famous bumpy cake are all legendary. It’s worth the trip!” —Tahnia Stafford Fox

Shop Sanders online to see all their options.

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