18 Star Wars Food Creations We Absolutely Love

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…bakers and bloggers used the Force to create stunning Star Wars food, from snacks to dessert!

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Baby Yoda Hot Cocoa Bomb

This hot cocoa bomb melts open to reveal Baby Yoda, aka The Child from The Mandalorian. You can find this adorable confection here for $3.99, or DIY your own hot cocoa bombs at home.

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Star Wars Cake Pops

Can you believe a talented home baker made these Star Wars cake pops? It’s true! Sabrina Tai is a baker from Toronto, Ontario, and she’s started a bustling home bakery called Popalicious Cakes.

You can try this one at home! Use our cake pops recipe to get started.

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Lauren Cahn

A Slice of the Dark Side

Frances Chareunsouk, who makes treats for Meebah Desserts in Rowland Heights, California, baked a Darth Vader-themed cake for a 6-year-old birthday boy named Magnus, which probably made everyone at the party want to turn to the Dark Side. Here’s how to stage your own Star Wars birthday party.

(We’re already on the Dark Side—and by that we mean hello, dark chocolate.)

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Treats for a Star Wars birthday party.
Leonora Vazquez

Mmm… Lightsabers!

Star Wars food isn’t limited to dessert! Talented home baker Leonora Vazquez, who Instagrams as @sugarcoatthat, made these colorful lightsabers out of pretzels (they’re candy-coated) for a Star Wars-themed birthday party.

It’s such a clever idea—and you might be able to copycat this in your kitchen, too. Start by making your own chocolate-dipped pretzels.

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star wars cupcakes
Lauren Cahn

May the Cupcakes Be with You

Baker Frances Chareunsouk also made this multi-tier cupcake display to “give everyone a piece of the Force.” Yum!

Ready to take on Princess Leia, Yoda and the others? These are our top cupcake recipes.

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Lauren Cahn

Darth Vader Is…Sweet?

Jessica Bailey is an Oregon mom who had a “blast designing the Darth Vader cake for a friend’s husband. It had a little bit of everything, between the fondant work, airbrushing, chocolate modeling and buttercream waterfall of cookies!”

Here’s a great primer on how to decorate a cake—including how to pipe buttercream.

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Lauren Cahn

Star Wars S’mores Pops

This is another Star Wars treat you can whip up at home. “We thought it would be fun to make Star Wars characters out of s’mores and we had so much fun making these!” wrote Jill Mills, the food blogger behind Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

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Half Baked Co.

Episode 1st Birthday

This adorable Star Wars-themed cake by Half Baked Co., a family-owned bakery in Burbank, California, was for a 1-year-old, and used baby-versions of the Star Wars characters for decoration. Love!

Psst…Send your guests home with edible party favors.

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R2D2 Macarons
Katie Tomkins

R2D2 Macarons

“I live with three Star Wars-obsessed boys in Brisbane, Australia,” said baker Katie Tomkins. Her R2D2 macarons “were French vanilla flavour with royal icing-piped features.”

Did you know macarons are different from macaroons? The first is meringue-based; the second is coconut-based. Either way—delicious.

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Lauren Cahn

R2D2 Is Almost Too Cool

Cake designer Bia Bazerra of Sao Paolo considers this R2D2 cake one of her favorite pieces of all time. It took her four whole days!

(Don’t have that kind of time on your hands? We hear you. Just go with the best box mix.)

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Two Cute Cakes

Janaina Brito of Pastis in Sao Paolo sent us this adorable photo of two perfectly matched cakes she made for a boy and a girl who happened to love siblings Luke and Leia from Star Wars.

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Jessica Bailey

“Awesome” Kylo Ren Cake

Jessica Bailey said her Kylo Ren creation proved to be a challenge because she wanted to create his helmet to scale. “It was for a 10-year-old’s birthday,” she said, “and he was a Star Wars enthusiast who found it ‘awesome!'”

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Half Baked Co.

“It’s a Jedi!”

We love this clever birth announcement cake (executed to perfection by Half Baked Co.) for a couple who are major Star Wars fans.

To create something similar, start with our handy guide on how to use fondant.

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Jill Mills


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” —Yoda

“Making a Yoda-melon is as simple as cutting up a watermelon—and assembling it like a boss, like Jill Mills does.” —Taste of Home

(Hungry for more film-inspired foods? Check out these recipes inspired by SCARY movies.)

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star wars cookies
Leonora Vazquez

Star Wars Cookies

Baker Leonora Vazquez also made these wonderful Star Wars-themed birth announcement cookies to say “a Jedi princess is on the way!”

To make them at home, consult our secrets to baking the best cutout cookies.

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Happily Ever After

Here’s a cake that one loving wife requested for her hubby as a 10th anniversary present. He’s crazy about Star Wars, and obviously, his wife’s crazy about him!

We’re just crazy about the idea of food gifts.

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wookiee cookies
Katie Tomkins

Wookiee Cookies

“The Wookiee Cookies were essential…99% due to the cute rhyming name,” baker Katie Tomkins said. She’s being humble, we think. These cookies are fantastic!

To help you pull off the Chewbacca artistry here, we suggest starting with a gingerbread cutout. Then decorate each Chewie cookie with our sweet buttercream frosting.

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Lauren Cahn

Stormtrooper Cake

Stormtroopers are elite shock troops who are impossible to sway from the Imperial cause. Frances Chareunsouk made this cake for a young “aspiring Stormtrooper,” and you might say he was impossible to sway from enjoying it with friends at a birthday party!

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